Tuesday, April 9, 2013

gcrl and I swapped some cards a ways back...

...and in that deal with gcrl, I took the unusual (for me) step of saying "surprise me".

Yeah, I'd say this surprised me.

Look at this magnificent specimen of carddom! One, it's an amazing, rare shot of the late Mr. Bostock, Jr. (not a lot of cards of him, period). Two, my word, the hand-painted uniform touch-up job! I was actually so stunned by getting the card in the first place and how awesome Lyman looked here that I didn't even notice the Hostess artist switching him out of his Twins uni until I saw this baby blown up in the "compose post" window! This is very likely NOT an airbrush job. This looks like it was done completely by hand. Amazing stuff! HUGE thanks for this one, Jim!
Here are some more surprises!

Lineage '75 Mini O'Neill! I got the base variation in this deal, too, but as it's the exact same picture, we'll just show you the '75.

Fly Eli, during much happier days. Actually, I don't know if he's unhappy these days, but he sure does get in trouble often enough. Cool seeing the already-I-think-retired DC Nats jerseys and...wait a second...I just noticed something. OH MY GOD, BRYCE HARPER STOLE ELIJAH DUKES' UNIFORM NUMBER! Maybe he has Fly Eli's blessing or something. I wonder if Bryce is even aware of this. I should hit him up on teh Twitters.

Toward the end for Hawk. Still looks unbelievably badass, even in a Marlins uniform. I've gotten a few of the '95 Traded cards lately, which is kinda cool. I think I even have doubles of the Kruk now. The '95 Topps design's been growing on me, too. I mean, look at it! It's '90s Graphic Design, without going too far overboard like so many companies did when they first got Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop and so forth. Also: you can read the gold foil lettering, even in scans!

Nice and simple, from a set I don't have a ton of yet (at least not until Bo gets ahold of me).


EVEN MOAR ODDBALLS. Jim sent me a whole mess of these, covering a bunch of my player collections, but beyond that I'm pretty sure they're in the '83-'84 range (Bake on the Tribe, Vida Blue on the Royals), I'm not sure what they are. They're right around postcard size. Anyone?

There were a couple doubles in this surprise package, but you could do much worse than a double of '69 Bo Belinsky (even if I think this is my third). I'm pretty sure this is an upgrade over either of the other two. I mean, look at those corners! Even with the typical '69 centering issue, this is a beaut!

Last card from this deal. Now, some of you may recall that I went bonkers when I found out this existed, and that it was on my Top 25 for a while. Well, through the magic of eBay packages and trade packages crossing in the mail, I now have two of these! I think this one's the keeper, as I think the smudge on Rick's perm is just slightly smaller on this one than the one I got on eBay. Both in great shape, though. If you're in the market for one (they're pretty hard to get Stateside; if you remember, Rick's '77 Topps card is shared with some guy on the Barves by the name of Murphy, and he didn't get a solo card), let me know, as one's available. Otherwise, it'll be in the next Trade Bait Draft along with another '69 Bo and some other stuff I've picked up recently!

Thanks again for the deal, Jim! Great stuff all around!


  1. I'd happily take the Cerone. Don't keep it away from someone more deserving who desperately needs it, but I've always dug the Oh-Peachy's and their variations from Topps. Still gotta get me the 82 Oh-Peachy George Foster hey-he's-a-Met-now card.

  2. Yours. It'll go in with the blue slate Mets I've got aside for you, whenever there are enough cards to justify another mailing.

  3. 1983 Topps foldouts. That's where bake and his buddies are from. Thanks for the trade!

  4. Actually '98 Topps is not one of the sets I got. I still have a few needs from that set (very few, which is why it didn't make sense for me to buy a set.)

  5. Man, at $9 a set, I would've grabbed a '98 set from you. Or a near-set!


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