Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Player Collection Adjustments

As y'all know, I switch my player collecting priorities around fairly often. I just narrowed them down a bunch recently. I've adjusted that list a bit since then.


Carl Crawford: OK, I'll say it: I sorta bailed on Carl while he was in Boston, and I feel like a dick for it. I've been with Dontrelle through all his ups and downs (I'm actively considering a trip to Central Islip to see him and Vlad in a Ducks home game), but Carl, I lost my enthusiasm for. Not sure why. I need to get it together and support this guy through my acquisition of ridiculous amounts of his cards!

David Cone: Coney always ends up getting the short end of the stick when I'm putting together lists of players I like and players I collect, too, but he was SO much fun to watch as a player, even when he had a bad day. Wait, ESPECIALLY when he had a bad day. He was animated, he kept the crowd in games even when he couldn't keep his team in them, and in addition to being a damn good pitcher on his good days, he was a showman of the highest order. I've already got a trifecta of his cards and most of his Topps cards, but I doubt I'm anywhere near having all 1100+ of his cards.

Don Mattingly: when I was opening a Spring Fever pack about a week ago, I got one of his cards, and thought "Oh wait, I don't "collect" him at the moment" and felt dumb. Of course I collect Donnie's cards. Duh.

Denny McLain: he's the last 30 game winner, he's an international man of mystery, he's run afoul of the authorities on occasion, he recorded a live album in Vegas, he's one of my Facebook friends and he has great cardboard! What more can you ask?


Ron Cey: I feel like I'm Bogarting him from Night Owl. I've got his autograph, I've got almost all of his Topps cards (except that one...yeah,  you know the one), I'm good for now.

Kolten Wong: Already have an auto and a fair amount of his cards before he's even hit the bigs. Not super-jazzed about collecting anyone on the Cards (except maybe Willie McGee someday). I'll give him a pass for now. Great name, though!

Yasiel Puig: wanted to try and get in on the ground floor with this one. I'm pretty sure I'm too late, even without the guy having a Topps or Bowman card yet. Maybe I'll revisit it later.

David Denson: this was a novelty, and really, kind of a "below the ground floor" thing.  The kid's still in high school for another month or two! However, once again, the people who buy and resell Leaf product (I'm assuming they just flip it to each other in perpetuity) are already out of control on pricing, so it probably ain't happenin', at least not yet.

There are a few other players who are on the bubble, but not for lack of interest. There just aren't a ton of Bo Belinsky or Tony Horton cards out there, and I've got a good chunk of them already. Once I "finish" them, I'll give other players the spots.

So, make mental notes accordingly!

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