Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff that doesn't quite fit...

From time to time, despite my best intentions of keeping some vague focus to my collecting habits, I'll come across a card that I really want to own, even if it doesn't "fit" in any of my collections. I'm sure it happens to y'all, too. Here are a few.

This is the most recent one I've purchased. It's the Wally Joyner card from the Topps Spring Fever redemption stuff. Now, I'm not building the set, though this card will make 11 out of 50 (not counting my Cepeda autograph, which I'll post about soon). I don't think I'm going to go for the set unless I find a deal on most or all of it (I have Trout already, but don't have Harper, and his card's one of the pricey ones, of course). I don't currently collect Joyner (though I've got a whole mess of his stuff, including his BYU cards and his Star set). I think I was just really glad to see him featured in a set like this. Made me feel young again or something.

I've been eyeballing this one lately, too. This isn't the 2006 version of the card. It's the Original Back version of the Cards Your Mom Threw Out reprint. Ever since I saw dayf's post about it a few years ago, I've idly considered picking one up, just to not have an empty #297 in my 2006 set and to STICK IT TO THE MAN. However, the last one that went on eBay actually went for $10.50 plus shipping. For a REPRINT. COME ON, MAN! So, I'll keep shopping.

This right here is a weird goddamn card. Produced in '76 by Topps, as Joe Garagiola's business card, a fair amount of 'em have ended up in circulation. I actually knew a kid growing up who had one. I think he got it from his dad. Now, I don't collect Joe Garagiola's cards. I never saw him play, and I wasn't crazy about his booth work, even WITH Vin Scully. However, this is too weird not to want. My '73 set is going to feel oddly incomplete without it.

So, what're some of your card wants/acquisitions like this?


  1. So you don't collect Joyner? Guess what, I do!
    Do you have any you'd be willing to trade?

  2. I've probably got some kickin' around here.


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