Friday, April 5, 2013

The Round-Up For 04/05/13!

First off, I know there's a few middle-of-a-trade situations that I'm in right now, and I will do my best to make it into my trade boxes this weekend so we can get those moving. Thanks for your patience.


This 1952 Topps Look N' See card of Leif friggin' Ericson was part of a small lot of cards I got today at one of my local flea markets. It's REALLY busted, but it's LEIF ERICSON, man! For those of you who aren't familiar with Look 'n' Sees, here's a description from Mickey's Clubhouse: "Look 'n' See was marketed by Topps in 1952. The fronts depict 135 famous people in glorious color portraits, and every detail, including the captions, caption frames, and decorative accents blend together in splendid harmony. The backs used the "hidden text" gimmick requiring Topps magic paper to clearly read the clever bios."

I think someone tried to make a permanent version of the answer on the card!

This is my first Look 'n' See, and it's a good 'un! I'll be keeping it.

Also on the "old, weird stuff" front, I got this 1949 Bowman Wild West card! It's got a crease through the center of the card, but it's barely visible, despite being a helluva crease.

Hey, more card backs!

This, unlike the Look 'n' See, is available for trade, or it might go into the next Trade Bait Draft (more on that in a bit).

Hey, some '88 Pacific Legends doubles! Awww, Bob Turley. We just lost him last week. I got about 30 '88 Legends, but these are confirmed doubles (as in "there were two of each in the stack"). I haven't checked the rest against the Legends I have, but I'll undoubtedly have some more doubles, as I recognized a few cards. In the meantime, these are available for trade, or heading to the Trade Bait Draft.

Hey, it's a Blake Griffin card I didn't have! There are actually a bunch of those. Blake's the only current hoops player I collect. Send me your Griffins!

I also got an '07 Upper Deck Phils Team Set from Alumni Night. These look like '07 Artifacts, so I dig them. Nice card of Cole Hamels! Hey, Jamie Moyer! I collect that guy! Wait, what's this?

It's the majestic mullet of Mitch Williams! But wait! This card was exchangeable for a JERSEY, and the previous owner didn't turn it in? Or did they? Let's read yet another card back!

Wow! I wonder if they got to keep the card! Did they open this at the game or afterward? If they missed the jersey, were they pissed? If they did get the jersey, I wonder if they still have it! I didn't see this card myself until I'd left the table I bought it from, so I didn't get the scoop! I may ask Upper Deck and/or the Phils if anyone remembers the deal with these. How many did they make of each? What were the other prizes (there were at least 3)? Why aren't the instant win cards listed on the checklist card (that only listed other Phils alumni, not current players or Mitch)? So many questions! This is exciting stuff! If any of you were at Citizens Bank Park for this promotion, please let me know!

On the way home from the flea market (and a side trip where I nearly finished '99 and '12 Topps thanks to Bill at Monmouth Stamp And Coin...just need one of those stupid '99 Mark McGwire HR cards and the goddamn Harpers from '12 and '12 Update), I needed to stop at Target. Yes, needed. I was out of beef jerky and blank DVDs! While I was there, one of those friggin' Gypsy Queen value packs got me. The minis from said pack are above, and available. Take them from me now, or get them in the next Trade Bait Draft.

These value packs also come with 3 bonus framed white GQ cards. If you click through the pic here (when I scan a bunch of cards in a row like this, it screws me for layout space), you'll see that the cards I got were Clayton Kershaw, Craig Kimbrel and Desmond Jennings. Night Owl and dayf get first crack at the Kershaw and Kimbrel, respectively, but the Jennings is up for grabs, and if those other two reprobates don't need the first 2 cards, they're available for trade, or going into the next Trade Bait Draft.

Look, some crappy inserts! Play At The Plate may disagree about the one on the right, and he gets first crack at it in trades, but if he's covered on it, sing it with me, they're available or going in the Trade Bait Draft.

Hey, check it out! This value pack was a good value! I got the stupid Trout short print! I still haven't decided if I'm collecting Trout or not (despite him being a helluva ballplayer and from NJ), but I'm definitely hanging onto this for now until I make up my mind, because I just will not find another one.

So, about this Trade Bait Draft I keep mentioning: Trade Bait Draft III will be happening sometime near the end of April. I still want to find some more stuff to replace the 90 cards that went in the last one (and I want to kill off a few more trades before I do anything else), so I probably won't make it formal/open reg until at least next week, but it's definitely a real thing that's happening. Stay tuned to this space, as the buzz on these things keeps building, and I only allow 6 spots for each draft. (We've had 3 participants in each so far, but I think this next one's gonna be bigger because there've been a few posts about the last couple.) So, stay tuned, and let me know if you want in once it opens! I'm pretty sure dayf is gonna camp out for tickets to this one, so pay attention!

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend, and hit a damn flea market if the weather allows!


  1. Love the Leif. If you ever start your own card company, call it Leif. Then wait for the lawsuits.

  2. Hey
    I picked up a ton of cards today. It will alter my wantlists but also i know there is going to be a lot more for you! Stay tuned...

  3. Very interesting, Bo. I'm not sure what I have laying around for you at the moment, but we'll figure it out. Keep me posted, and let me know when your want lists reflect this "ton" being added.


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