Sunday, May 12, 2013

Before I open Trade Bait Draft III...

...a question for the group.
As I've added a few decent-sized lots of cards to my doubles stash finally, *and* dramatically increased the stuff-on-hand in the past few weeks just by narrowing down what I'm bothering to keep moving forward, I actually have more cards than I know what to do with for this one.

Now, don't get too excited and start yelling "MOJO! MOJO!" or planning to finish your '52 Topps high numbers. We're talking largely about post-1993 base cards and inserts, spread out across all manufacturers and brands. Some non-baseball, but I haven't added a ton of items from other sports lately, so I'd mostly be adding baseball.

However, just so I'm not wasting my time or yours, I would like to know what kind of stuff you'd want to draft in this thing, so I can target my list additions some. Are there sets you're collecting? Teams? Players? Do you like shiny blue things? Do you *need* to pick up a few '50s/'60s/autograph/relic/numbered to less than 100 cards for these things to be worthwhile for you to enter?

Let me know, and from there, I'll try to assemble the list and get this thing open within the next 48-60 hours.

Gonna try and do a quick turnaround on this one. Shooting for a draft about a week from today (so, Sunday evening, May 19th, probably around 7-8 PM Eastern Time).

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