Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Bipping That Would Not Die

So, a while ago, Stephan and I put together a trade that, for various reasons, took us a while to finish. Then, it was finished, shipped, and it got RETURNED to Stephan as undeliverable. Yes, he had my address correct. No, I don't think he wrote "bomb enclosed" or anything. So, he shipped it again, and AGAIN it got returned. At this point, we're both going kind of nuts. I offered to cover shipping, and he refused (owe you one for that, dude), and we tried it one...more...time. It arrived yesterday, praise be to Cthulhu.

However, this wasn't your run of the mill package. In with some of the stuff like '11 Ginter short-prints, '84/'85 Donruss and '81 Fleer...well...


Actually needed this one. Despite it being a '95 Fleer and all.

Yes, it was a Golden Moment in Bipping for me. Not that you can read that, because, true to the frustrating nature of a good Bipping, the gold foil that says "Bip Roberts Golden Moments" is barely legible in the scan.

Anyway, this Bipping (and the rest of the trade) wasn't just made of a half-dozen Bip Roberts cards (though I'm glad they were in there, even as a harbinger). Let's move on...

No...not that...anything but that...



Of course this guy has to show up.

Hey, I need that '81 Donruss Cedeno!



"That's some Bipping, kid!"
-Ken Phelps
Is there a word for when someone sends you enough cards from a set that you're kind of on the fence about finishing, sorta lukewarm, and not sure if you want to bother with to where it forces your hand to make a want list for the rest of it? Because that's what just happened with '85 Leaf. Stephan asked me if I needed them as memory serves, and I said "Yeah, the hell with it", defeated.

Sportflixed! (Not a typo, they're '96s.)

As cards involved in Bippings go, you could do worse than a Ripken. Unfortunately, there was only one.

Oh yeah, I got cards I actually wanted in this package that Stephan mailed to me 3 times, didn't I? Well, in addition to the 11 Ginter SPs from '11 that I got (all of which were of players far too boring to scan, but which I needed to bring me very close to finishing the SPs), here's some of the rest...

Toto! This finishes this awkwardly-named insert set for me, too.

What a wonderfully friendly name for a boat! Stephan sent me a whole mess of these to finish off THIS insert set, too.

Yes, it's a bubble gum card of Archimedes. Not done with this insert set yet, but I'm getting there.

"Damn, kid. A Bipping like that AND Archimedes? You're havin' a helluva day!"
-Ken Phelps

(Side note: Buhner trade notwithstanding, this guy had a stretch where he was the god of pinch-homers. Seriously, look it up. I remember being PSYCHED about the Buhner trade, because the Yanks got KEN PHELPS!!!!)

Wait. What is this doing in here? No, seriously, Stephan? This is some MK-ULTRA shit right here, son. (Countdown until Homeland Security raids my house for using the word "bomb" and mentioning MK-ULTRA in 3...2...1...)

This is another one kinda like the '85 Leafs. I just got a whole bunch of post-'86 Star Stickers in a box lot a couple of weeks ago, so I'm trying to decide whether to take the plunge. Why couldn't they have been '81s? Anyway, this is still a Tony Gwynn with a GREAT perm, so I can't bitch too much.

Can we add "Confusing Mustache Of The Year" to that, too? I mean, I know Lefty grew it out a few times, but it always just looked wrong to me. Even Alan Trammell agrees...

"Seriously, man. What the hell is that thing? Who do you think you are, Ken Phelps?"
-Alan Trammell


Here's Jimmy Key playing for the Toms River East Little League. No, really, he looks that young here. He NEVER looked that young!

I smell a rat!

Well, we're just about out of time for today. Thanks again to Stephan for the trade, for not pulling his hair out over dealing with USPS, and for the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty Bipping!


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