Saturday, June 29, 2013

240 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards For $120 Shipped

Conditions should all be at least EX-NM, most in NM-MT. Card numbers available upon request (VERY serious inquiries only). Shouldn't be any doubles (out of all the YSLs I have, I only have doubles of one Randy Johnson card which I kept quarantined from the others). I can tell you that there are no Gehrigs, Ruths, DiMaggios, Munsons, Jeters or Riveras, but there are Berras, Mattinglys and Reggies among many others.

$120 shipped is a FIRM price. Will consider REALLY good trade offers (like, REALLY good), but this is one of those lots that I could use cash for in a big way.

Leave a comment here or drop an email to me if you're interested or have any questions. Also: if you know someone collecting YSL, PLEASE pass this info on to them. Thanks!

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