Thursday, June 27, 2013

On the subject of trade bait and f00'ball: Claim Your Team!

I've had a few people who collect f00'ball cards inquire about my stash for entire teams since I got my huge f00'ball lot.

I am all sorts of up for this, be it a trade deal or a cash one. We can work out specifics as we know what we're dealing with in terms of volume and "expensive" cards.

I may even have enough of some teams to double-dip, though I make no promises there. Let's get through one round of this first.

If you're interested in trading for a fair amount of cards from any one particular f00'ball team, here's what's available and what's been claimed so far:

Claimed Teams:

Bears: Me*
Colts: superduperman99
Cowboys: Capt. Canuck
Giants: Stubby
Packers: Bleedin' Brown & Gold
Redskins: Roy-Z
Saints: Junior Junkie
Steelers: Me*
Texans: Dimwit
Vikings: rootlinuxusr

* With both the Bears and Steelers, I've raided the stashes pretty good, but I may have some of each available later once I've evaluated if there's enough to offer around. There'll definitely be Roethlisberger and Cutler cards left over, because I don't like those dudes.

Available Teams:

Now, keep in mind here that I've got available cards going back as far as 1948 (just one '48 Leaf, but I've got it), and a bunch of '70s stuff, but it, of course, varies by team. Newer expansion teams like the Texans, there won't be as many cards, obviously. There will also be cases where key players don't have a ton of cards in my trade stashes because they're guys I collect or sorta-collect (examples: Brees in the Saints stuff, anyone on the '68 team and D'Brickashaw Ferguson in the Jets stuff, Fred Biletnikoff in the Raiders). On some of that, though, even if I collect the players pretty seriously, I've still got a bunch of spares. Elway/Rice/Montana/Young/Barry Sanders all come to mind.

If you've got specific questions about what is or isn't available, let me know!

Oh, and to give those of you in TV Land (especially those who've claimed teams so far) an idea of how this is looking so far, here's a picture of the stacks I have for the Colts, Cowboys, Redskins and Vikings. Nothing but Topps (and I think at least one or two Philadelphia or Fleer) commons so far (haven't dug into the stars/rookies/etc. yet), but dating back to 1955 in one case.

Probably around 100-ish cards for each team "owner" so far there. (Stubby's Giants are a bit more complicated, as there are a ton more than other teams had, regional interest and all, but Stubby may only be interested in '83-back Giants, so stay tuned on that.)

Let me know if you're game, and we'll get started on figuring stuff out!

Update! With the Saints and Packers claimed, let's look at how those piles are going so far (this is '89 Traded-back):

Saints doin' way better than the Pack so far (the previous owner had a LOT of pre-'87 Saints), but there's a couple of early James Loftons in the Packer pile, and that stack will definitely fatten up over time.

Still 22 teams (and lots of popular ones) left!


  1. I'd be interested in your Packer stuff. I don't collect much football (other than Packers) but let me know specificcally what you're looking for and I can track it down. I also have access to some newer stuff and some GU if you're interested, as well.

  2. I'd be interested in your Packers cards. I don't collect much football (other than Packers), but I can get your team/players. What specifically are you looking for? I can also access a bunch of newer cards, as well as some game used if you're interested.

    1. Long shot on an ooooooooold post where nothing came together: if you're still interested in the Packers cards, let me know! Still have 'em aside for you, 13 1/2 months later!

  3. Let me know if you have any 1978 or 1980 Steeler doubles. I am trying for a team set of each of those years.

  4. I'll take the Saints off your hands if no one else wants them (which is usually the case).

  5. Saints and Packers noted!

    Adam, I should have some of both that I didn't stash for myself. I'll let you know.

  6. Adam: 4 each of '78 and '80 Steelers: '78 Jim Allen, Reggie Harrison, Bennie Cunningham and Mel Blount, and '80 Rocky Bleier, Randy Grossman, Donnie Shell and Jim Smith.

    Bleedin' Brown and Gold: my want list is linked from the top of the sidebar. Feel free to look through, throw stuff of yours aside if it's of particular interest to me, but let's see where we end up before we figure out what's what.


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