Friday, June 21, 2013

Since I was Freddy Foreshadowing in that last post...

Here, have a sneak peak at some really old f00'ball cards. Apologies for going low-rez, but I got all 16 of the available-for-sale-or-trade cards in the shot that way.

First row: '48 Leaf Pat Harder (UER, spelled "Harber" on the card), '50 Bowman Donald Doll, '54 Bowman Don Paul and Leon McLaughlin.

Second Row: '54 Bowman John Bauer and Jim Dooley, '55 Bowman Kyle Rote and Bill Wightkin.

Third Row: '55 Bowman Jack Simmons, John Schweder, Jerry Norton and Roger Zatkoff.

Fourth Row: '55 Bowman Tom Scott, Ray Renfro, Lynn Chadnois and Art Spinney.

The only ones I may keep out of this batch (keeping in mind that I kept the '55 Bowman Jim Ringo, the '50 Bowman Pat Harder and the '54 Bowman Dick Chapman, which you'll see here eventually) are the '54 Bowman Jim Dooley (love the Bears logo) and the '55 Bowman Tom Scott (He's pretending to be an eagle!).

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