Friday, June 21, 2013

So I have some f00'ball cards available...

The stuff in the stacks is in chronological order. So, below the '65 Philadelphia card are a couple '66-'67 Philadelphias, then '59-'76 Topps, below the '77 Topps are '78-'79s, and so forth. All of the cards below the Elways and Marinos are '84s.

This is just the pre-1987, non-'48 Leaf or '50s Bowman f00'ball (didn't have room to get those in this shot) that I've got available for sale or trade right now. I'm still finishing up the sorting (nearly 2 weeks later), so we're well before the "have a list of anything" point, so if there's stuff you collect, ASK.

It is a good time to know me if you collect f00'ball cards.


  1. I'll take the colts cards off your hands.

  2. There are probably a few of those. I have one person who asked about '78-'82s ahead of you. When that shakes out, I'll let you know what's here. Are you just interested in the vintage stuff, or are you asking about pretty much every Colt I have? Because I do have a bunch of modern stuff, too.

  3. I'd be in for the Cowboys... plus maybe a star card or two if they're available.

    When you get a chance, let me know what you got and what you would like in return.

    Thanks bud.

  4. Canuck: I've got one person ahead of you (Project 1962) on the Cowboys. I will let you know what I've got after he and I are sorted (he may or may not grab 'em, it was one of those "grab 'em for my dad when I can" kinda things).

  5. Older Giants? Pre-69, mostly, I'd be interested in. Although I wouldn't say no to anything Gints pre-84. That said, I suspect I'd be about 9th or 10th in line for any of those. I mean, forget it Jake, it's Jerseytown. But, hey, I'll throw my hat in that ring.

  6. Canuck: Project 1962 welcomes you to the Cowboys. I should let you know that there are probably a fair amount of 'em, though.


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