Monday, July 15, 2013

Two more from the show yesterday...

In addition to all the baked goods-related fun, I made a small trade with an older gentleman who stopped by my table. He went through my cards for a while, pretty diligently looking for insert cards from the last few years, and mentioned that he had some stuff for trade in a small box he had with him. I ended up calling it even with him on a good chunk of Kimballs and other stuff like that after getting two items...

Pretty happy with that exchange.

As for the show in general, it was very quiet. Tough times in that part of New Jersey, with Seaside Heights struggling (the stands and clubs are open on the boardwalk, but there are no rides for the kids, the locals who do normally spend a lot of dough around town are hurting and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think there was resentment from folks who'd normally go to Seaside, but live in Sandy-affected towns that got back-burnered so that the Jersey Shore could be "open for business"...places like Union Beach, Keansburg and even parts of Staten Island...), and there being tough times in general with this economy. We all still did the best we could, and I definitely saw some business being transacted along with what I did there. The football cards I got back in June were very well-received, but again, not a lot of people wanted to shell out for 'em, and they weren't "priced to sell right now", just "priced to sell". I think the biggest item I sold was one of the '50 Bowman baseball commons I had, at $10 or so. A few other things like an Eli rookie (sorry, Stubby), a Flacco rookie, a '78 Schmidt and a bunch of commons went. Had fun, though, didn't take a total bath on the trip down or the table fee, and got a few cool items when I wasn't expecting to pick up anything since the pickings are kinda lean around here this month.

Oh, one more thing: saw one Pro Debut Puig there (the first one I've actually seen in person), which was priced somewhat unreasonably at $25. It went, but I think it went in trade to a guy who was packing more m0j0-kinda stuff than me.

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  1. Love the Cespedes! Gotta go find one for my PC.


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