Monday, August 19, 2013

Some changes in my active player collections...

...for those of you thinking of bombing me out.

Out for now:

Felix Hernandez: have a ton, already have an auto/rookie/relic trifecta.

Todd Frazier: have an auto on its way from Jay Koenig, but I'm gonna slow this one down a bit otherwise for now.
 Wade Miley: he's been fun on my fantasy teams so far, but he's 2 years into his career and he's a friggin' Diamondback)

In for now:

Randy Johnson: sometimes, I forget how much I like this guy; still no autos, though I do have a bat relic!

Hideki Matsui: fun ballplayer to watch, and I have no relics or autos.

Jay Bruce: never collected him before! Have no relics and no autos. Don't think I have a rookie, either! He seems to quietly be becoming the rock of my fantasy team, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have a go.

So, that's where we're at.

Edit: Stubby talked me outta cuttin' Teddy Ballgame. When I live in a Sterilite bin with no possessions of my own aside from '59 Fleers (which I still say are cheating), you can blame him!

Mike Mussina can wait for now, though I'll still take a relic if anyone's got a spare.


  1. I have to disagree with your call on Teddy Ballgame. If you love him to death, keep him on the list. Sure, maybe, for now, all you can get are current era cards of the man. But what about that Gallery of Heroes I sent you? Pretty sweet, eh? You never know when you'll spot a cheap specimen at a card show and you never know when someone might trade you a playing era Teddy for some Bowman whatevers (IF he's on your list). Maybe Night Owl needs a new Puig. Further, the 59 Fleers are NOT cheating.

    Now, me, I collect Mets. I never pulled a Seaver or Ryan rookie out of a pack, even though I was a pack buying pre-teen at the time. But, eventually, I got them. The Seaver rook turned up at a show for just $17. The dealer said it looked like it had been chewed up by a lawnmower, but its beautiful to me. I got the Ryan rook at our favorite hobby shop--mostly using those punch cards that I'd been saving up for just such an occasion. My last hurdle was the 1970 Ryan and it looked like that was never gonna happen. But, one day, a water damaged 1970 Ryan turned up on eBay. The back was where most of the damage was; the front not so much. $18 (plus postage) and, zoom, I'm golden.

    Frazier, Felix and Miley, sure, they can go. For now, anyway. Leave Teddy on the list. Cuz ya never know, ya just never know. Or, as the bully school teacher once said to Adrian Monk, "When you least expect it, THAT'S when you can expect it."

  2. Damn it, Stubby, when you're right, you're right. Moose is out for now, though I'll still take a relic if anyone's got one!


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