Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here's an entire Broder Japanese baseball set from '87 for you to look at, just because...

"Have you ever seen the things I own
And have neglected"
-Curve, "Coming Up Roses, 1998

I really need to clean around here more often.

Beyond Oh-san, I don't know a lot about the Japanese players in this set (insights are very welcome from folks who are more familiar), but there are a bunch of familiar American faces in this one, and the uniforms are outstanding, too.


  1. Love the set, I need to keep an eye out for these.

    I'm not one to provide you with much insight into the non-Gaijin players, but I had heard of Hiromitsu Ochiai, and I seemed to remember him being very good. I looked him up and he's in the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame (but not first ballot).

  2. I only know a small handful of Japanese players. But one of them is Yoshihiko Takahashi. He was an infielder--primarily a Shortstop--with the Hiroshima Carp who set the modern hitting streak record for the league in 1979. Baseball Reference says the streak was 38 straight games, but I'm pretty sure it was only 33. He was a frequent All-Star (or whatever the Nippon equivalent is) who was a big base stealer early in his career and something of a power hitter later on.

  3. TIL There is not only a Bob Horner card I don't have but Braves cards I need in the same set.

  4. The Ex-Twins in those photos are off the charts...

  5. Horner and Oh are the two biggest names in the set, of course, but Randy Bass is a pretty popular former gaijin from Japan. Many of the Japanese players in the set won awards (MVP/Sawamura - like the Cy Young Award/Rookie of the Year/Best 9 - similar to an All-Star team/so on) and I'm sure they appeared in all-star games too.

    And for dayf - those are Hankyu Braves, which existed 1947-1988; in 1989 they became the ORIX Braves, and in 1991 became the ORIX BlueWave (and are now the ORIX Buffaloes). That's the same BlueWave that Ichiro played on in the 1990s.


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