Thursday, September 12, 2013

Player Collections, Or "The Island Of Misfit Toys"

These probably look kinda non-descript, but these are my player collection boxes, all three of them. The top one's baseball A-L, the middle one's baseball M-Z and the bottom one is basketball/football/hockey. Amazingly, while the contents of all three boxes are not catalogued and the section for each player is not sorted by year/manufacture yet, they're pretty close to being an example of what it looks like when everything's put away.

What's not in these boxes:

Topps baseball base cards, unless they're misprints or miscuts
cards from any set that I'm building, and a few of the base sets that I'm still on the fence about

doubles of anything (I know that some of y'all will grab 2-3 copies of a card, 1 for setbuilding, 1 for team sets and sometimes even 1 beyond that for a player collection, but that's not how I do things)

some of the autos/relics/numbered parallels that I haven't sorted in yet

Basically, for right now anyway, these boxes serve as storage for every card by a player I like or find to be historically important (even if I'm not actively collecting them) that does not belong to a set I'm building, hence the title of this post.

As I was putting away the summer's haul of cards over the past few days, I got to look through a good number of these, and wondered aloud to myself what to do with them. In some cases, I have more cards by certain players I don't collect than ones who I do collect (Pedro Martinez and Scott Rolen both come to mind here. For someone who could not STAND Pedro in Boston, I have a hell of a lot of his cards. Rolen, I bought a lot sometime in the last decade that had a ton of Scott Rolen cards, and I'm still whittling them down.). In some cases, these are cards that I've never shared with you, either because I got distracted, got eaten alive by incoming bulk cards or because I had them before I started doing this site.

Anyway, I think I came up with a plan, hopefully one that I'll be able to stick to easier than some of my other plans (like scanning the hundreds of custom cards that Stubby's sent me over the past couple years). At my leisure, I'll be doing quick-n-dirty scans of every card I have of specific players, a scanner bed at a time, in alphabetical order. If there are cards that I'm making available for trade or sale, I'll list them at the bottom of the post, below the pictures. As for writing about them: how about we discuss them instead? If people have questions, comments etc. about individual cards I post, that's what the comments section is for. If I feel REALLY strongly about telling you a story about any of them, I will, but really, I just kinda want to get a visual record of this stuff and talk to you all about it if you're interested.

What I may do for at least a little while (since I'll undoubtedly run out of players from other sports well before baseball) is alternate between sports. I'll probably do the Islanders cards I have by year and set rather than doing every individual Islander I have from 40 years or so of cards, especially since I'm still really new to hockey and going by teams seems to be a better way to get discussions going with people who I can learn about the things I missed from. If the cards from a particular set don't fill up a scanner bed, I'll combine a few.

Sound good?

We'll start with Hank Aaron soon. Probably not today, but soon.

This will be one of a few different series I'm going to start working on that'll actually be relatively low impact, knock wood. More on the other one closer to the end of this year.

Oh, and I do still need to get back to scanning Every Stubby Card EVAR.

But let's get started on this first.

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