Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stuff from my local today...

Hadn't been out to the bubble gum card shop in a few weeks (just a mixture of the money not being there, my health not being there and me not being awake when they're open), but I managed to make it there yesterday afternoon, finally. Needed 660 boxes for sets ('89 UD and '13 Topps are done now, and I need to move '10 UD into its own box because there's no room in the other UD box yet), and alas, those they were out of, so I had NO CHOICE but to busy myself with some cards. Here's what I came up with.

First off, Internets, you're not doing a good enough job of reining me in. The Eli Manning Stupidity Tax nabbed me TWICE. For those who aren't familiar, though I think I did mention it recently, Eli's cards sell for about what Derek Jeter's cards do in my neck of the woods (figure $1.25 a pop and up for just about anything), and they sell briskly at that price. Just a lot of regional demand. Now, on the Finest card, I had no trouble paying that, because I get tons of Finest for the price of your average common (all the box and case breakers leaving behind the base cards), but on the base Topps card? That's just a matter of me being impatient. (Though, in fairness, Topps flagship's been out almost a month and I've done a bunch of trades since then.) I would be less impatient if you folks would kindly send me all of your Eli cards as they come in. Base cards, fancy stuff, whatever you've got, we can at least talk about a deal for. I don't think there are many Eli collectors in our immediate circles, if any. You won't be letting me Bogart all the Elis and upsetting the other collectors, like you would if you sent me ALL TEH BARVES EVAR. (I swear, I know more Braves collectors than possibly any other team.)

What's funny about it is that I'm not a Giants fan, but I do like watching Eli play a bunch (it's been great watching him grow into the player he is today, especially when you consider how deer-caught-in-headlights he was when he started), and by default, he's the player I see the most of.
Moving on, yes, it is f00'ball season and I did finally get my grubby mitts on some Topps flagship.

A few of my other favorites from yesterday's pile. There's a very distinct feel to the photography this year. All action shots, all from about the same distance. Not very in-your-face like '10 was ('10, in hindsight, was REALLY good photography-wise), but it's no-nonsense and it shows you what you wanna see on a f00'ball card. I know that sounds vague, but if you've looked through the set (and I saw most of it yesterday), the feel of the set really does jump out at you. 

Like this guy. (This was my favorite of the '13s I picked up yesterday.)

Call me crazy if you like, but I feel like he's still going to be Denver's lead back when the dust settles. It's become this constant thing for Knowshon, where they wave a Hillman or a Montee Ball or a McGehee around (they had another rookie who broke down, too, forget his name though), take away the guy's playing time or threaten to, basically do anything they can to marginalize the man from Middletown, NJ, but by the end of the season, Knowshon's still the guy. Denver kinda doesn't deserve him. I'd love for him to come back to NJ, even if he ends up on the Jets.

The best kind of "Bears Celebrate" card imaginable in the current era: one where Cutler's nowhere to be seen.

I dig the look of these 3 "legends" insert series.

Now, if only they hadn't totally dicked up the minis.

"What?", you say? "That's a perfectly acceptable '59 Topps design! Good photography, MUSCLE HAMSTER on the card..."


Yes, that is a '13 Topps baseball '72 mini behind the '13 Topps 'f00'ball '59 mini. It's not an original '72 or an Archives or anything. They changed the size of the minis AGAIN. It's also bigger than the Topps sticker size. At this point, I think they just sit at 1 Whitehall and try to figure out how to fuck with those of us who pay attention. Well, screw you, Topps! Not only am I going to stop posting f00'ball cards this morning, but I'm also going to post UNLICENSED cards from your competitor!


(Really, this is about the most passive-aggressive card ever printed.)

Here's some more unlicensed fun! BO! RICKEY! That Garcia kid who gives good cardboard! Posey and his catcher's gear covering up the logo! Wieters, who STILL ain't in Topps sets for some reason! (Razor/Leaf couldn't possibly still have the guy locked up, could they?) And, oh yeah, WE EVEN GOT HOES.

You wouldn't know it unless you looked carefully, but this isn't a white background Adam Dunn's glumly accepting his lot in life in front of. It's clear, with the woodgrain kinda shading it. If you look at the way my scanner picked it up, at the very bottom, you can see black from the edge of the scanner. Probably the best I can do to show off the translucence of the card without making a video, and I'm not doing that. Got the Dunn card and the Josh Hamilton from this insert set. Pretty happy with both.

These are (tiny thumbnails of) some '13 Panini Father's Day promo cards I got out of two packs of those that were gifted to me by a mysterious benefactor (Thanks!) during my visit. Yep, those are '91 Studio knockoffs. The Matt Holliday cracked ice card is limited (but not numbered) to 25, and on its way to Madding already. The Kaepernick and Castro base and Foucault (limited to 30 or less?) Prizm pulsar refractor are available for trade.
Finally, because I spend way too much money on cards, I had a $5 frequent buyer credit coming to me, and I decided to use it to get this...

As I was saying on Twitter earlier, can you guys believe this is my first playing-era Whitey Ford
 base card? The only other Whitey I have from his ball-scuffing days is a '62 pitching leaders card of some sort. Of course, I also don't have any Yogis, but c'mon. I've got Mantle. I've got Rizzuto. I've got a bunch of Maris. Even have some Skowron, Howard and Martin cards. No Whitey cards? That was just weird. Sorted now!

Plus, it's my 131st '67 Topps card. It is still a weird, weird thing to be in triple digits on any pre-1970 set (hell, any pre-1980 set, too, but I've got most of the '70s done now), as I am with '59 (exactly 100), '67 (131) and '69 (a whopping 186).

Anyway, that's my story. What'd you kids do yesterday?

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  1. VONTA! Probably my last chance to say this for 2013 (the game is 7-7 as we speak)...(just imagine the voice of Dick Vitale, if you will) ECU UNDEFEATED, BABY!


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