Friday, October 11, 2013


OK, folks, it's that time.

I was just looking through my inbox, matching it up with what was in my "INCOMING!" file, and I realized that there are too many goddamn trades in progress. One might be completed, and I'm not sure, because the pile of cards on my desk got too crazy for me to tell. There's a couple of Kyle Okposo cards that could be ANYWHERE right now!

So, yesterday, I flipped out and put all of those cards in 660 boxes I had earmarked for complete or near-complete sets (I used 5 to clear my desk off. Yes, about 3000 cards, since they weren't all full.)

I just finished going through my inbox again, matched everything up with what was in "INCOMING!", and as of right now, there is a freeze on all new trades in full effect, unless there's an emergency where someone offers me the entire '98 Donruss Crusade set, all 3 colors, for an '88 Topps Ed Hearn card or something, That'd actually be funny, because I'm not sure if I have a spare '88 Topps Ed Hearn. WOULD I DARE BREAK AN '88 TOPPS SET?!?!?!

Anyway, yeah, do me a favor if you're a regular reader and/or involved in a trade or similar transaction but one that involves swapping filthy American dollars instead of cards with me: go look at "INCOMING!", and either in comments here, via email or on the Twittahs, as dayf likes to call 'em, let me know where we're at on any potential deal, if you actually do know. Some of this is being held up by me, so if you don't have an answer because of that, that's totally OK. Just let me know if you're still interested in finishing a deal here, and I'll get to work on it.

The goal here is to finish all the trades evar by the end of '13.

And, again, there will be NO MORE TRADES EVAR until the stuff on "INCOMING!" is cleared.

Let's get some shit done, put some cards in good homes, maybe make my house a better home for some cards, and find out where the hell poor Kyle Okposo is.

Who's with me?


  1. I hadn't told you yet, but I have that Foreigners 2 set for you. I'm in no rush.

  2. Solid, Ryan, thanks. We'll figure out some stuff soon.


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