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 Well, the year's not quite over yet, but I'm awake and not ready to do my laundry yet today, so let's talk about the past year.

The first card of the year was this guy:

If I don't get another card for the rest of the year (unlikely, but possible), the last card of the year is this guy:

In the interest of appeasing Thorzul, who sent him to me, allow me to post the back of the Lofton card, too...

There, that's better.

Looking chronologically from the beginning of the year, here are some of the things of note:

Close to the beginning of the year, I made a post going over the 2012 sets I was either close to finishing or not interested in finishing. I do this when I'm ready to roll over to the next calendar year's sets, so I'll need to give this a spin soon. Here's how far I got since then.

2012 Topps base: still need that damn 661 Harper (in some form or another), but I finished the rest of the set. I said something about not hand-building the base set from here out, but I got a lot of help on '13 Series 1 and 2. I'm still strongly considering going with a factory set for '14 (which would free me up to go after Heritage, etc. with more seriousness), but I say that every year these days.

2012 Topps Update: I *just* finished that a few weeks ago when I made my annual COMC purchase. '13, I pre-ordered a base set from a case breaker, and I'm happy I did, since I didn't have to watch the March Of The Puigs (with apologies to Trent Reznor; I suppose I should also mention Puig Destroyer at this point...). Seriously, someday, a collectibles manufacturer will learn not to overproduce later items of whatever's popular at the moment (in this case, it was Puig cards) and destroy the market for it.

2012 Topps Finest: needed 11 cards, still need 2 cards (33 Steve Lombardozzi and 77 Liam Hendriks, both of whom I think I at least had as refractors), so I'm not done, but getting there. In '13, I picked up a complete set, again, from a case breaker, and did so for the cost of a third of a pack of this stuff. Can we all take a moment to recognize how ridiculous that is?

2012 Topps Mars Attacks Heritage: loved this set, finished it thanks to dayf. Still need 3-D card #1 for the complete, all-inserts-but-not-all-parallels set.

2012 Topps Heritage: I wasn't planning on building this, and had written it off by the beginning of '13, but I've gotten a few nice stacks, so yeah, I'll keep pecking at it. '13 Heritage, I'm almost done with the base set. Only have 9 high numbers. We will not talk about the "Heritage High Numbers Set" debacle.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter: I ended '12 with 107, currently have 183, so that's not bad for me and Ginter. Finished '11 Ginter high numbers this year (I bought 1-300 when it came out), a first for me. Actually pretty close (within 25 cards) to finishing '13, thanks to Stubby and some other folks. Someday, finishing Ginter sets may actually be normal for me. Hopefully they're still good then.

2012 Topps Archives: added some, but this one's a slog. '13, Stubby hooked me up with a base set, and I've got a small handful of high numbers.

2012 Topps Opening Day Stars: bailed on this. I'm 1 card away from finishing '11. No idea if I've even got any '13s, but I think I'm pretty much done with actually working on insert sets from products I don't buy (the ones I do buy are enough of a pain). Love 3-D cards. Hate getting gouged.

2012 Topps Prime 9: finished it! They didn't do a Prime 9 release this year. Ah well, fun while it lasted.

From there, I posted my 2013 collecting goals. I'll run through these real quick.

1. Acquire at least 5 more playing era Brooklyn Dodger cards I need: Yarp, and then some.

2. Acquire at least 5 more 1951 Topps Ringside cards I need: Yarp.

3. Acquire at least 5 cards from my top 25, including at least 1 from my Top 10: Yarp. My Top 10 requirement was fulfilled by a goddamn Reggie rookie, so I'd say I did OK.

4. Finish at least 10 sets of more than 400 cards, including at least 1 '70s Topps set: no '70s Topps baseball set finished yet (I'm within 18 on '71 Topps and 28 on '77, so I'm close, and I made huge strides on a bunch of sets). As for sets of 400 or better? '97 Score, '89 and '92 Upper Deck, '99, '06 (sans the stupid Gordon; went the Yo Momma's Original Back route) and '13 Topps baseball, and I got and/or finished 3 Topps f00'ball sets this year with 400+ cards ('05, '07 and '10; got '99 too, but that's only 357 cards). f00'ball feels like cheating. Still, we're at 9 out of 10 with 10 days to go in the year. Maybe I'll make a Monmouth Stamp And Coin run and see if I can kill off a few of the stragglers. Yeah, I fired off an email to Bill there. We'll see what's what.

Short of that, going into '14, I'm close (within 200 cards, which in some cases is a lot closer than others) on the following:

Baseball: 70-74, 76-77, 94 (2 cards!), 96 (1 card!) 97, 08 (2 cards!), 09 (1 card!), 10, 12 (1 card!) Topps

10-11, 13 Topps Heritage

92 Topps Stadium Club

81, 93, 05 Donruss

81, 83 Fleer

92 Fleer Ultra

92-93 Leaf

92-93 Pinnacle

92 Score

93, 10 Upper Deck


91 Bowman (1 card! 1 card! #504 Jeff Bryant!)

10-11 Score

91, 00, 04, 06, 08 (2 cards!), 09, 11 Topps

(I'm also within 100 cards of 85, 87 and 89 Topps f00'ball, but those are *just* shy of 400 card sets.)

5. Acquire at least 10 more '07 Upper Deck Goudey high numbers: this is my annual walk of shame. Not a single card acquired. Help me out, adventure lovers!

6. Trade more, and get back to actually doing trade posts: still making trades, still lousy at trade posts. Moved my scanner so it's right next to the computer. Hopefully that'll yield dividends in '14. Sorry, folks! I'm working on it!

7. Get some more TTM autographs: not a one. Just been a busy year. Once I get a bit more settled, perhaps I'll have a crack at this again.

8. Acquire at least 1 team-issued Lakewood BlueClaws team set aside from the '13 set: nope. Didn't get '13, either. Barely ended up at the park, alas, aside from the SAL All-Star Game which had a 3 hour rain delay, and later, involved a bunch of us watching the NBA Finals in the gift shop with Raul Mondesi. Weird night!

9. Acquire at least 1 more Seattle Pilots oddball card: I got somethin' or other. Either Stubby sent me one I didn't have, or something showed up otherwise. Need to re-dedicate myself to the cause.

10. Acquire at least 1 card of every player I currently collect: I have no idea. Probably. Impossible to track, given the amount of cards I had come in this year. Totally not holding myself to this one next year.

Moving on, I ran not one, not two, but three Trade Bait Drafts this year. Chances are, I won't be doing that again. A ton of work for something that's fun, but has little financial reward, unfortunately. It's a shame, because I've got tons and tons of cards that'd be coveted in that format, but that's part of the problem, too. I have tons and tons of cards. I had a few huge purchases this year. At one point, I sold about 55,000 commons off for next to nothing, just to make space, and I've still got about 60,000 cards in my "trade pile". Gotta work on that!
Enough text! Let's look at some other stuff that happened in '13.

No, the actual meeting didn't happen this year, but I got a custom card of Choo Choo Coleman and I in the mail in 2013. I should really put this on my LinkedIn profile or something. (Thanks again, Stubby!)

I got a boner! Of course, you'd have one too, if this happened to you...

Save for the monster boxes that the piles of loose cards were on top of, everything you see in this picture was from one deal.

This Bipping wasn't from that deal, though it was pretty fun. So were these cards...

These were all just fun cards I got this year. No context, just cards. Enjoy!

I'd post these again too, but there's just too damned many of them. There was this, too (yeah, I know I posted the rookie right above this, but let me have this one). And this. And, of course, there was the magic of Bip making contact with many of us in this community, which has been a lot of fun. I could swear I've been forgetting something, though...I'm probably forgetting a bunch of somethings, but this is something big. What the hell could it be?

 Oh yeah. That.

2013's been a weird year in general, but a very good year for cards, no matter what those huckleberries at the card companies have been doing to lead us to believe otherwise. Thanks for being a part of it here!


  1. That was one heck a deal (a lot of cards!). I'd be happy to take any of the Braves out of those......hint hint

  2. I'll take a look at those sets you're close on...


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