Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It's pretty easy, especially when you're surrounded by a LOT of cards, to think you've gotten jaded about things, seen it all, all that nonsense that people say when they've become familiar. Then, you'll be going through a pile of cards for a deal you're working on, and you'll find an absolutely spectacular card that you either never noticed before or just forgot about, somehow...

Wow. I mean, wow.

Enjoy it when it gets to you, Ryan.

And yes, for those wondering, I'm still alive and all-too-active. Still trying to wrap up the rest of the 2013 trades, deal with the holidays, working on my other hobbies and just generally trying to keep my shit together. I know I've been quiet of late, but I've got some plans for this site in '14, trust me.
 I've also moved my scanner to the correct side of the room (the one that will actually enable me to scan things and post on the fly like this again), so, knock wood, you should be hearing from me a bit more in the near future in this manner. The "not trying to put together deals or post about them, not working on some series of posts I'll never finish, just posting about cards for the sheer joy of it" manner. Stay tuned.

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