Monday, August 19, 2013

Some changes in my active player collections...

...for those of you thinking of bombing me out.

Out for now:

Felix Hernandez: have a ton, already have an auto/rookie/relic trifecta.

Todd Frazier: have an auto on its way from Jay Koenig, but I'm gonna slow this one down a bit otherwise for now.
 Wade Miley: he's been fun on my fantasy teams so far, but he's 2 years into his career and he's a friggin' Diamondback)

In for now:

Randy Johnson: sometimes, I forget how much I like this guy; still no autos, though I do have a bat relic!

Hideki Matsui: fun ballplayer to watch, and I have no relics or autos.

Jay Bruce: never collected him before! Have no relics and no autos. Don't think I have a rookie, either! He seems to quietly be becoming the rock of my fantasy team, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have a go.

So, that's where we're at.

Edit: Stubby talked me outta cuttin' Teddy Ballgame. When I live in a Sterilite bin with no possessions of my own aside from '59 Fleers (which I still say are cheating), you can blame him!

Mike Mussina can wait for now, though I'll still take a relic if anyone's got a spare.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Empty Monster Box Of Shame


This is The Empty Monster Box Of Shame.

(And my knees, but ignore those. I didn't feel like cropping.)

It appears whenever you've bought, traded for or were given more cards than you can currently store without buying another box to do so.

Its appearance always results in a sad walk from the card store to the car, and eventually from the car to the house.

 This box was long overdue. I still hated buying it, because I'm trying to get rid of a ton of cards right now, not enable my storage of 3200 more.

(The 5000 Count Empty Monster Box Of Shame is even worse. I don't even want to think about that one right now. Happy thoughts happy thoughts...)

Am I the only one who ever has run-ins with The Empty Monster Box Of Shame, or some of y'all get visits from it as well?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Stuff What Came In The Mail Over The Past Couple Of Days

Wow #1:

Remember when I had a whole ton of f00'ball to send off, by team? (Actually, I still do.) Well, The Dimwit, as you may remember, claimed the Texans, all 90 or so of 'em, and I had a Brian Cushing printing plate for him as well. He offered me the above card for them. I'm still kinda blown away by that. Mattingly autos, while probably not as big of a deal in other parts of the country, are tough to come by around here. Also: this is on-card, from a great set, and 12/25. HUGE thanks, Sam, and enjoy your giant pile of Johnsons!

Wow #2:

It's FAR from a perfect card, but how often have you gotten a playing-era Koufax card for $9.50 shipped? My 4th Koufax (a third of the way through the base Topps now, with 55, 57-58, 60, 62-65 to go), and my 99th '59 Topps card. 1 more, and I'm in triple digits on my first 1950s set ever, which, while I've still got a LONG way to go on '59 Topps, is pretty awesome. I wonder who card #100 will be?

Friday, August 2, 2013

OK, seriously, y'all, let's wrap some stuff up! ATTN: ALL TRADE PARTNERS

I feel like I've got 353958347823945923 trades in the works that are just stalled. Maybe other folks are busy, as I've certainly been busy (both good and bad) this summer. Maybe I've got folks overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of my trade bait. Maybe y'all think my trade bait actually sucks. No matter! Let's see if we can finish some deals this weekend! I'd actually like to get rid of the bulk of my less-than-extraordinary doubles via craigslist soon, and put some of the fancier cards I have on COMC, so let's get this show on the road!

I'll run down the names on my "INCOMING!" page:

dayf: we've got this free-floating horror of a deal that's been in progress since the dawn of civilization. I have a reasonably good idea of where we're headed with the in-progress parts. If you're around this weekend, gimme a yell.

Jay Koenig: another free-floating one that keeps sorta stalling. What in God's name are we sending each other, man? Feels mostly set-buildy, which is fine, but let me know.

Clark/superduperman: I've got a ton of stuff for you, probably way too much/way more than you were expecting to have to deal with. I think we're a ways apart on the value of what's going in each direction, but we can probably figure something out.

Greg Z.: we were getting somewhere (I've got '60 Moon and Frank Howard and a steadily growing pile of Getzlaf base cards, you've got a McEnroe Ginter relic and probably some other jazz), but we keep getting distracted. Let's see if we can finish this!

Stubby: I think we're good. I've got a stash of stuff for you, you've got one for me, we just have to send each, pretty much. Should have something in the mail as early as today.

Carl Crawford Cards: congratulations! (Yep, keepin' it vague there, Rest Of My Readers.) No rush on us, but I've got about 18 '77 Topps with your name on it. During one of your soon-to-be-frequent sleepless nights, give me a buzz and we'll figure out what works for those.

Roy-Z: this one's totally my fault. You've been around, and I've been slacking. We were talking Redskins and Pro Debuts. I will do my best to give you a better idea of what Redskins are here over the weekend, and we'll figure out what else is up from there.

Stefan: ditto here. I've gotta scan up some Minnesota Vikings for you, and then we'll weigh out what those are worth in '72 Topps.

The Dimwit: we're done as soon as I go to the post office, which is happening as soon as I finish writing this and packing up Stubby's cards. Thanks for the deal!

Adam E.: I've got some '78 and '80 Steelers for you. Let's talk!

Junior Junkie: I've got a big stash of Whodats for you. Let's talk!

Capt. Canuck: I've got a huge stash of Cowboys for you. Let's talk!

Project 1962: I've got whatever old Cowboys Canuck didn't want for you. Let's talk!

Bleedin' Brown And Gold: I've got a big stash of Packers for you. Let's talk!

LONESTARR!!! (Sorry, it sounds cooler when I say it like Dark Helmet.): I've got a Jerry Rice rookie sittin' here. What can we work out for it?

...and finally:

Night Owl: '56 Campy. Some other nonsense. Maybe an SSPC set if you ever find a spare kidney to send me for it (actually, don't send a kidney; even if they're worth a ton, organ trafficking is illegal and messy). I seem to be a tough one for you to come up with trade bait for, because we both traffic in old Bums, but we'll figure this mess out in time.

If any of you are looking for trade bait ideas for me that my huge, scary want list doesn't cover, here's one:

2013 Ginter: not out for a few more days unless it leaks to retail, but I'd like to actually buy as little as possible of this. Send me all the doubles ever. Bip me with '13 Ginter. Base cards, SPs, autos, relics, and the following insert sets are welcome:

Codes, Cyphers and Cryptographs
Curious Cases
Famous Finds
Heavy Hangs The Head
Inquiring Minds
One Little Corner
The First Americans
Autos I'm looking for: Artie Lange, Axl Rose, Abe Vigoda, Ed O'Neill, Henry Rollins, Monty Hall and Pele are on my "yeah, right" wish list.
Relics I'm looking for (I know people have had it with relics, but the relic checklist is fantastic this year; keep in mind, I didn't ask for Mays or Ruth, who are also included): Artie Lange, Abe Vigoda, Monty Hall, Pele, Ed O'Neill, Adam Dunn, Don Mattingly, Goose Gossage, Albert Belle, Josh Hamilton, Justin Morneau, Buster Posey, David Price, Felix Hernandez, Mariano Rivera, Reggie Jackson, Robin Yount, Stephen Strasburg, Fred Lynn, Paul Molitor, Paul O'Neill, Frank Robinson, Pablo Sandoval, Roy Halladay, Harmon Killebrew, Steve Garvey, Ike Davis, Tim Lincecum, Zack Greinke are on my list and if you're feeling really generous, Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig or Ted Williams.
Ginter will get you far in this trade-crazy world of ours, brother.