Saturday, January 4, 2014

Finally, The First Card Of 2014!

Now, there are some who might say that, because I purchased this lot this morning before I exhanged money with my local for the card you are about to see, that the cards in the lot above are technically the first cards of '14, but 1. they're not in my hands yet and 2. I had the following card on hold for me while it was still 2013, so plans were in motion! Regardless of where you stand on this non-existent controversy, you've all waited long enough. Here it is, folks...the first card of 2014!

My first Paul O'Neill auto, on-card, numbered, and from a set whose packs cost $300 a pop. Paid about what going rate for the card + shipping is on eBay (which is well under what a blaster costs), and didn't have to deal with eBay. Beautiful card, froze me in my tracks when I saw it about a week ago. Paul is also (I think, could be more, though) my 6th Baseball Trifecta (David Cone, David Wells, Dontrelle Willis, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Sheffield and now Paul O'Neill) and 8th Trifecta overall (I've also got Ndamukong Suh in f00'ball and Kyle Okposo in hockey).

So, there it is! If you've gotten a first card of 2014 by now, what is it?


  1. One heck of a first card! It's going to be tough to top it going forward!

  2. Nice card, and I don't even like the Yankees. :-)

    I bought a signed Japanese baseball card of a guy who played for a local minor league team a few years ago today to use my eBay Bucks code, so that should be my first card of 2014 when it gets here. I probably won't add any more until actual 2014 baseball cards come out.

  3. That's an awesome card! Love Paul's cameo on Seinfeld:

  4. Love the on-card autographs in this set. Congratulations on your first card of 2014!


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