Friday, January 31, 2014

Kyle sent me a bunch of stuff!

I had a pair of '50 Bowman cards kickin' around, and Kyle from Nolan's Dugout offered to take them and a Bowman Chrome HARPAR off my hands a week or so back. He sent me some dynamite stuff in return, to the point where I ended up bombing him out with want list stuff that wasn't part of the original deal after it got here because I was late sending my package out and I've told you too much. Anyway, look at some friggin' awesome cards!

I scanned every '74 he sent me, but look at 'em! Morgan, McCovey, Rose, Gibson! Etchebarren! Clean checklists and great leaders cards! Buddy Harrelson posing for a shampoo ad! Great stuff! (Also, this will probably be the only day in this site's history when you see the '74 Topps Dick Lange card posted twice.)

He sent me way more '76s than I could scan (79 cards, a HUGE chunk out of my remaining wants), but I went with 2 pages' worth. Eck rookie off my list, finally! Pops, Fisk, Fingers, The Kid and Torre round out the HOF class here. Manny Sanguillen looks a lot badder than the lot of us combined, and Al Oliver looks badder than Manny does! Wilbur Wood looks surprisingly close for being in that Chisox uni. Lotsa guys look really stoned! Darrell Porter looks like he's trying to scare Gorman Thomas! Just terrific stuff!

He didn't just help me with '70s stuff, though. '93 Donruss is DONE! Even Junior looks impressed.

Rod Carew wore his headband under his batting helmet? Who knew? That's pretty awesome. Kyle helped out a bunch with '83 Fleer...

This cat's always good to check off a checklist.

He took out the bulk of my '81 Fleer set wants, including a pair of Petes...

Hey, remember this guy? Sorry, but we can't use you for our other project. Come back in '15 when we do The Year Of Cocks!

He also took out a good chunk of my '10 Upper Deck wants, including Mo! Mo looks like he's thinking "I dunno...can you see the full logo?" in the '96 Topps-ish inset photo.

And, lastly, there were some other odds and ends. A few '10 Topps Chromes which none of you need to see. The last card I needed for '90 Donruss MVP, which none of you need to see. A few other inserts, including the grudge match of the century, within '89 Fleer All-Stars (which Kyle also finished for me)...seriously, Greenwell looks like he's gonna stone cold beat Jose for stealin' his MVP, as soon as he figures out where to get an 18 wheeler to do it with.

All in all, a great trade with Kyle, so thanks! Here's hoping that you enjoy the stuff I sent to you as much as I enjoyed mine!


  1. I'm sure I've got some Sterling Hitchcocks and maybe a couple of other cocks if you need for 2015...

  2. Bo, I was kidding, but your enthusiasm for this project knows no boundaries!


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