Monday, January 13, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 13!

No Dick yesterday, on Day 12. Sorry about that, folks, but sometimes I've gotta rest. Wrangling Dicks is exhausting work! Also: while I've got over 370 Dicks accounted for in the 4 major sports so far (I still have to fine-tooth football), there are only about 210 Dicks that have appeared on cards, and I haven't started making proper customs for the missing Dicks yet. I did do a test a while back, though. If you missed it on teh Twittahs...

That's not today's Dick (though it sure is funny), so let's get down to business!

Today's Dick is...

Dick Kokos, as lovingly painted by my late cartooning teacher Gerry Dvorak!

(And yes, Brownie the Elf freaks me out, too.)

Sadly, Dick's been gone since 1986. He was only around the big leagues full-time for a few years before spending 2 years in the Army, playing a partial season for the last Browns team, a few games for the first Orioles squad and another 2 seasons and change in the minors (with 5 different organizations). (Stats here.) He was an outfielder with a bit of power, but it seems like he couldn't get back to business or got hurt after his military time.

Information on Dick Kokos is in fairly short supply. He's very briefly mentioned in this Glenn Mickens interview, as he was part of a team Glenn played on during his service time (along with Don Newcombe, Gus Triandos and Bob Turley) at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. There's also a short Baseball Fever thread where people (including, allegedly, his grandson) sort of talk about him, but not in any great detail. Aside from that, not a ton of personal insight online about him. Nothing about his post-baseball life is in easy reach (beyond the fact that he apparently had kids and, thus, at least one grandson, who we may hear from if he sees this since he does seem to have an interest in connecting with folks who've heard of his grandfather). 
I don't have too much else for y'all, beyond that I'm glad I'll be able to say I featured at least one Dick from the St. Louis Browns this year! Godspeed to you, Dick Kokos!

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