Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 18!

Apologies for the layoff, folks! Was a bit under the weather, and I also wanted to finish compiling The Master List Of Pro Sports Dicks (huh-huh, "master") for the 4 majors before I went further (I'll be releasing this data at the end of the year, though it's readily available, if not as well-organized, elsewhere), so I could start tracking down pictures for customs, seeing which supposedly un-carded Dicks actually do have cardboard and so forth. That's done now, so... about a Lynn Dickey?

Lynn was an all-time great for the Packers during his decade with them (still holding a number of records for them, even after Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers had at the record books) and holds the NFL single-season record for highest average gain with 9.21 yards. Lynn also did 5 seasons mostly as a backup with the then-Houston Oilers to start his career, starting 10 games and winning 2, including Houston's only 1973 win. He's in the Kansas Sports Hall Of Fame and the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame, and is working in public relations these days, after stints in the restaurant business and as a radio host. He's also the second Dickey of our Year Of Dicks (with R.A. proceeding him, no apparent relation).

All the best to you, Lynn Dickey!


  1. For some reason that name just sounds like a QB. I hate the Pack but I can't help liking their uniforms. Classic.

  2. Ah, a Dick Master. That should prove helpful.

  3. Always loved me some Dickey. He was the QB when I started following the Packers back in the 80's. Side note: The 1982 Topps FB card design is awesome. A fellow blogger recently gave me a 82T Ronnie Lott rookie card and I couldn't help but admire the design. The pennant and mini helmet make it my favorite 80's Topps football card design.


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