Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 2!

This morning, I've gone the extra mile, and busted open a sealed factory set to bring you a new Dick!


(And yes, it's only a '91 Donruss set, but still.)

So, with that clue buzzing in your heads, who could today's Dick be? There are actually four Dicks in the 1991 Donruss baseball card set, after all! Drum roll, please...

It's Lance Dickson, ladies and gentlemen! Our first last name Dick of the year, and even more notably, our first Rated Rookie Dick!

Sadly, Lance had an extremely short Major League career, which lasted for a total of 10 days and three starts with the 1990 Chicago Cubs. Still, that's 3 more starts than I've pitched in the majors! His big league career came to a premature end before he even turned 21, and he retired from professional baseball at 25. It's a shame it didn't work out for him, because his 1990 minor league numbers were legitimately outstanding. These days, Lance deals in home loans in Arizona, and it looks like he's doin' well. Here's to you, Lance!


  1. Nice Dick... but gotta ask, which Leaf Preview cards did you pull from your set?

  2. Thanks! I actually haven't cracked the preview pack yet, and wasn't paying close attention to the front/back cards. I was too focused on Dicks at the time.

  3. I totally understand. It's important to stay focused for this project ;-)


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