Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 4!

Lots to do today (including picking up The First Card Of 2014), so we'll try to make this Dickin' a short one.

Presenting Randy Dicken!

As you can see by his stats, Randy's another cat who didn't quite catch on, not making it past A ball in the Toronto system after being drafted in the 7th round of the '04 draft (after the Expos tried to steal him in the 42nd in '02), but we're not going to discriminate (Dick-scriminate? Please kill me.) during The Year Of Dicks. I mean, did you get drafted by both Canadian Major League teams like Randy did? I don't think so! And even if so, remember...


He did play in the independent Atlantic League, home of the Somerset Patriots whose games I visit sometimes and former home of the Newark Bears, who I've also seen play. He didn't play for either team, but he did cover 3 different teams (Bridgeport, Camden and the Pennsylvania Road Warriors, an erstwhile barnstorming team in various leagues in my area that's never had a full-time home park, once had a paid attendance of 2 fans at their part-time home park and whose only web presence was and is a Blogspot blog) over the season-plus he spent in the Atlantic League.

As for what Randy's doing now, I did find him, but as he's not a celebrity, nor is he marketing anything under his own name, we'll keep a lid on that for privacy's sake (Dick Woodson also seems to just be living the quiet life, hence my not mentioning what he's up to these days). It does seem like he's doin' alright, though! Randy, say hi if you find us, and here's to you!

Wow, this Dick ran a little longer than expected! Gotta go, folks! Back with more soon!

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