Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 5!

Goin' back to f00'ball for today's Dick, it being a Sunday and all...

Presenting Dick Hoak, Philadelphia Gum Co.-style!

Dick's a name and face that should be very familiar to the Pittsburgh Steelers fans in the audience, as he was with the team with an amazing 45 years (10 as a player and 35 as their running backs coach). Even though he's been retired from playing since 1970, he's still 5th all-time in rushing for the Steelers, pretty remarkable considering some of the talent they've had at his position. Dick's still alive and well in the Pittsburgh metro area, hopefully enjoying his richly deserved retirement. Here's to you, Dick Hoak!

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  1. That card made me think of another Pittsburgh player, the Pirates Don Hoak 3rd baseman on the 1960 WS Champions but as far as I can tell they were unrelated.


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