Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Year Of Dicks, Day 8: Hall Of Fame Results Day Edition

In a show of solidarity with another surly-yet-spectacular player who got screwed by the BBWAA (for the 15th and final time) earlier this afternoon, today's Dick should be no surprise to you, even if his card doesn't actually say "Dick" on it.

And, in keeping with this post's surly-yet-spectacular nature, I'm going to leave the writing to the Wikipedia entry linked above, and just share one more thing...
Someday, Dick (and Jack). Someday. May you both be alive and well enough to enjoy it.


  1. Easily one of my favorite guys in the history of the game. Colorful and fun. I wish I was old enough to have seen him hit. (Also, despite his rep in the press, it's hard to find a teammate or manager who has anything bad to say about him.)

  2. I have no use for the BBWAA. They've made the Hall of Fame a Hall of Shame by excluding the greatest players in the game and voting instead for mediocre talents. As of now, the All-Time major league hit leader (Rose), the All-Time major league home run hitter (Bonds), the All-Time major league doubles hitter (Biggio), the greatest leadoff hitter of all time not named Rickey Henderson (Raines), the undisputed greatest offensive catcher in the history of the game (Piazza), and the pitcher who won more Cy Young awards than any in history (Clemens), not to mention one of the greatest complete player first basemen in history (Hodges), are all being told by a bunch of sanctimonious fools who aren't fit to sniff their jockstraps that they aren't worthy. The BBWAA are destroying the Hall and the Hall better wake up and remove their voting privileges once and for all so that the stain that is the BBWAA doesn't taint the Hall in perpetuity. It may already be too late.

  3. I'll get your package out soon. I did find a nice oddball Dick for you!


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