Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yep, still alive!

It's like we're all coming out of hibernation. First dayf, now me.

I'm actually still dealing with a LOT of different things, and I'm actually heading to another state basically as soon as I'm done posting this (give or take sleep, if I decide to get any), but I'll take a minute to show you a few items I got in a trade with reader Jake that was about a year in the making, just because we both kept getting distracted. Worth the wait, though, I'd say!

There were a few 1970 Topps cards that I won't trouble you with (though I'm getting closer to being sub-100 cards to go on that set, which is just mindblowing, and there was a swell Frank Howard in the bunch which you'll just have to imagine), mostly because I put them away before I got around to scanning them. So, we'll skip ahead, or back, as it were, to 1952...

A well-loved Billy Loes card joins my Bums collection! 10 more cards to go on my '52 Bowman Brooklyn Dodgers team set! (I think that one's gonna take a while to finish, though.)

Now, we'll go WAY back. Here's my first '34 Goudey ever, and the only playing era card I have of Lou Gehrig's, if you wanna count '34 Goudeys as those, but the star of this card is Joe Stripp, also of the Brooklyn Dodgers! This card's been through hell, but despite that, it presents really well in person. Nice and bright, and the HUGE crease lines up perfectly with ol' Joe's right arm.

And last, but not least, we'll skip a year forward, to a 1935 Diamond Stars card, also my first from my set! This here's Sam Leslie, also of the Brooklyn Dodgers (and Joe Stripp's teammate). This card has been through hell, with an eraser having its way with it, paper loss, writing on it...and yet, it's beautiful!

Very cool to get pre-war and '50s stuff in any trade, and despite the long gestation time on this deal, Jake was a pleasure to deal with! Jake, if you're reading this, do you want me to throw my readers some contact info for you and/or your want list?

As I said above, I am heading to a place a couple hundred miles from my home (western Massachusetts, to be exact), but I am actually bringing a condensed version of my trade box with me (can't do much in the way of helping people set-build while I'm away, but I will have some key cards with me), so I can ideally finish up a few other long-in-the-works deals while I'm away, and maybe set up at a card show or two while I'm there (which should be, at least, for a good chunk of September). I'm pretty easy to reach on teh Twittahs or via the contact info in my sidebar, if you want to try and figure something out with me.


  1. Beautiful vintage greatness! Good luck in your travels!!!!

  2. Fantastic cards. Yup- worth the wait.
    Good luck in your new place.


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