Sunday, December 7, 2014

This year...

It isn't over yet, but this year has been rough.

(We'll look at some '50 Bowman Bums I got recently while I'm talking about this, just to make it easier. This here's Jimmy Russell.)

I had all sorts of grandiose plans at the beginning of the year, both for this site (we'll get to those in a minute) and in general. Things were off to a decent start. I was posting here regularly. I was working on some things. I even won a Super Bowl pool for the second year in a row!

Then, things started happening.

I'm afraid to type out a list of every "major life event" that I or the people around me have been through this year, for fear that I'll slight someone. It's been rough in both my immediate circle of people, and in the world at large this year. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure if it was any more rough than it usually is for people, but I and the people around me certainly felt like it was. Lotta passings, both friends and family (I'm officially at "that age"). Lotta things going wrong. Lotta people struggling to find common ground. Lotta people just plain struggling. And, hey, it's only December 7th, so I really hope things quiet down at least a little (to the degree that they can around the winter holidays), we've got a few more weeks to go on this calendar year.

(Jack Banta.)

At the same time, I had a lot of fun when and where I could. I turned 40, and celebrated my birthday in pretty grand fashion at Barcade. I went to my first Lebowski Fest, and got to see the Muhammad Ali Center while I was in town. I went to the Asbury Park Comic Con. I saw a bunch of concerts. I made some new friends, and reconnected with old ones. I travelled a bunch, not always for the greatest of reasons, but I got to see parts of my country that were new to me, and experienced new things while I was in them. I caught a few ballgames. And, of course, I got some more bubble gum cards.

If I've seemed incommunicado, out of breath, or kinda scattered this year, either here, on Twitter or in our trade correspondence, it's just been one of those years. As I type this, I'm sitting in a room that's been a place I throw things in between running around all year, but I won't be doing much running around for a bit (I totalled my car in mid-November, and while I'm relatively OK and that's the important part, it's gonna take a minute to replace it even if I don't spend a cent on cards for a while...). I'm exhausted, trying to catch up, still actually dealing with some "major life event"-type things, and just kinda lookin' around like "WHA HAPPEN?!?!?!".

Just the same, life does go on until it don't, so I'm trying to keep at the things I enjoy. I'm cleaning up around here, and putting away cards I've gotten over the 2nd half of this year. I'm gonna be looking at the remainder of my in-progress trades this coming week, to see who needs what sent to them (though that, I've made pretty amazing progress on, considering that I really wasn't home for a lot of this year). I'm figuring out what directions to move forward in with my collection (right now, I have a lot of stuff and I'm trying to get too much more). And, I am also trying to enjoy what's in front of me.

(Bobby Morgan. All 3 of these '50 Bowmans, common Dodgers though they may be, came in one lot for a little over $7 shipped. How amazing is that?)

I'm already working on my actual '14 wrap-up piece, starting to figure out my '15 collecting goals, and past that? I'm hoping I have a minute to think or breathe sometime soon.

As for this year's pet project, The Year Of Dicks? No, I haven't forgotten about it. I just might've been a year early with it. We'll look at it at or around the first of the year, dig?


  1. Good to hear from you. Sorry it's been a rough year. Hope you dominate 2015!

  2. Hang in there, buddy. 2015 will be your (our) year!
    BTW - I've been wanting to go to Lebowskifest myself.

  3. Yeah, hope 2015 is much better for you. Plan to start a massive trade with you in a few weeks!


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