Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Round-Up For 05/11/14: Been a while!

Yes, I'm still alive!

For reals!

I'll even post a new card I got this weekend...


It's a goddamn Bake McBride autograph!

$5 at my local!

Truth of the matter is, I haven't been paying a ton of attention to new cards since Heritage, which I've completed the base set and a few of the insert sets from thanks to Stubby, and haven't been hitting the flea markets for the old ones.

I'm getting a factory set of '14 flagship this year, so that'll take care of that.

I got a few pretty uninteresting packs of '14 Bowman yesterday with my McBride...

(This was in there, though, 111/250, and it's up for trade.) I probably won't do Bowman, even with the big names in there this year. I've got an Elite Extra Abreu, so I'm more or less good there, and I'm pretty sure I have some WBC Tanaka or another.

I got a big Stubby package a while ago with the aforementioned Heritage, a few other goodies and some more of his customs in it, so there's that. (The highlights are in a pile on my desk that I haven't scanned or put away just yet. More than likely, I'll get to these soon.)

I liked Donruss, even if it was a bad design! My wants for that are on my want list.
Next two sets that are at all interesting to me are Archives (end of this month) and Pro Debut (beginning of next), but I'm travelling this summer, so I'm on something of a tight budget right now. We'll see what happens with those.

I did get package #1 of my 2013 Tribecards Giveaway haul on Friday. Here's the highlights!

Minor league Bernie I don't have? I'll take it!

This is so sharp, it almost has to be an upgrade over what I have, so I'll probably have one of these available for trade soon.

I'm actually trying to figure out how to do a card sale of some sort in the near future, because I have a LOT of stuff I don't have space for and don't need at this point. I'd be leaning toward sales rather than trades for the time being, because as I mentioned above, I'm strapped and I have travel plans (and other plans, which I'll get into below) in the works, but there's a LOT of stuff here that needs to be in your respective homes. Talk to me about that in the comments, especially if you have suggestions on how to handle huge amounts of interesting-enough-to-sell-individually singles without losing years of my life logging them all!

I know you're all waiting for me to get to the elephant in the room, so, here goes: The Year Of Dicks will continue! There should be a post pretty closely following this one. I thankfully had plenty of leeway in the year. There are about 210 Dicks with cards that I can acquire reasonably, plus I've got the option of making some customs. I've made one so far (and it'll be going up soon enough, the front of it, anyway), but I want to do the customs in '71 Topps and I am lacking a back template for '71 unless I find whatever archaic program Stubby's '71 template was made with. If anyone's got a pretty good '71 Topps card back template that they'd like to see me make some Dicks with, please get in touch!

Beyond that, I've mostly been out of my house for the past 3 months and focusing on other things when I've been home. I kind of have a lot of hobbies (I think most of us card folks have a few other hobbies that've been our primary hobbies at times), so I've been making the rounds of them. Let's actually step outside of cards for a minute and talk about those!

I went to the Asbury Park Comic Con last month, a great show run by some friends. Here are a few souvenirs from that...

Yes, that's Chris Claremont's signature on my Dark Phoenix Saga trade paperback. (I know, right?)

...and Tim Truman's ink on issue #1 of his criminally-underrated Guns Of The Dragon mini-series. If you have the means, pick this baby up. (It should be fairly inexpensive in either individual issue or, if they did one, trade paperback form.) Enemy Ace and Bat Lash on friggin' Dinosaur Island, y0! Tim actually signed all 4 issues for me, which was super-nice of him as he was gettin' mobbed by folks seeking signatures and working on a commission at the time.

Here's my Promethea #1, signed by J.H. Williams III! He's doing The Sandman: Overture with Neil Gaiman right now, he had a good run on Batwoman, obviously he did Promethea with Moore, and he even did the cover of the new Blondie record, "Ghosts Of Download" recently! One of the best artists working in or out of comics right now, and a great guy. My friend and I had a nice chat with him about Fields Of The Nephilim, as we're all fans of the band.

I got to meet Oily Comics magnate Charles Forsman, and pick up his new book "Celebrated Summer" from him. I actually found Charles and his work on my west coast trip of 2 springs ago, when I came across his "The End Of The Fucking World" series as it was in progress as Xeroxed mini-comics. That series is now being adapted into a television series in the UK, and there's a collected edition available from Fantagraphics if you want to check it out. It's one of the best things I've read in years. It was good to meet Charles, as we talk on Facetwittahs from time to time
...and he rather graciously did this two-color sketch inside the cover of "Celebrated Summer", too! Yep, that sketch in the circle, all him!

I also met the great Danny Hellman and had him sign a limited edition Screw Magazine cover he did (the late Al Goldstein had previously signed the interior, as only Al could...), but that, you're gonna have to ask me for pictures of privately.

So, that was just one day at one comic show.

What else have I been doing?

I've been to a bunch of shows. Since February, I've seen Skinny Puppy (always good; they may be heading back out on the road later this year), Godflesh (a dream to see them again, it'd been 20 years), David J. (of Bauhaus/Love And Rockets fame; the cat's got personality!), Berlin (another great show, and their new album "Animal" is very solid), and Nicole Atkins (twice). I absconded with the set list the second time I saw Nicole...

...and, if you want to watch the entire first show I saw of hers, look no further!

Yep, full 46 minute set. Nicole's been on the road promoting her great new album "Slow Phaser", and she'll be doing some dates with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds this summer, too. One of the best people making music right now.

Here, screw it, watch her video for "Girl You Look Amazing", too!

I've got shows from Cheetah Chrome (of Dead Boys/Rocket From The Tombs fame), The Faint, Black Oak Arkansas (!!!!!!), the aforementioned Nick Cave/Nicole Atkins and St. Vincent on tap next, along with all the bands playing at Lebowskifest.

(Do you begin to see why I haven't been spending money on packs of Gypsy Queen? Now, to be fair, I bought a few singles, and I like one of the insert sets a bunch this year, but...nah.)

So, beyond going to see live music, I've been DJing a fair deal, too. I did a guest set at Synthicide in Brooklyn back in April, and I've been doing a bunch of DJing in and around Second Life, sometimes at my club there, Heck, and sometimes elsewhere. I'm sorta looking for a recurring gig (or at least a more frequent guest spot) in the New York metro area right now, so if you know of anything, email me. Oh, and if you want to hear a few of my sets, have at!

I'm also getting back to making music, as well, after a long mental health break. I've started work on an album called "Here's to every beautiful dreamer who got their ass kicked." (every album should start with a title, right?), which will hopefully be done soon. If you've never heard my older music, it's here. I'm still in the early stages on the new record: hashing out which songs I'm gonna develop, working on lyrics, getting in touch with old collaborators, looking for new ones, and testing equipment as I rebuild my studio, but this is a work that's very much in progress.

Finally, I'm working on a book. People, for whatever reason, have been telling me to write an autobiography for years, so I've already written it. You see, I've told pretty much every story I'd ever want to tell and a few that I don't want to tell in chatrooms or instant message windows over the past 2 decades, and I've got most of that logged. The trick is going to be going through tens of thousands of chat logs (I may have chat logs into the six figures) to find them all. I'm not even worried about a coherent narrative. I'm actually aiming for an incoherent narrative, because that's what any good conversation with me is like anyway. I just need to locate enough of them to fill a book. That gets kicked into high gear after the record's done, but I'm already doing some preliminary work on it.

So, that's what's been keeping me from posting cards featuring guys named Dick.

What've you been up to?