Thursday, January 15, 2015

The First Card Of 2015


You guys.


One of the things that made doing The Year Of Dicks extremely difficult last year (in addition to, well, life) was that I found out about this card, a 1973-1974 Canadian Quaker Oats WHA card, very early in my research, and it put an ENORMOUS amount of pressure on me to acquire it, during a year when I was hurting for cash. It was released as part of a 5 card strip that included Bobby Hull, and generally, singles like this one didn't show up on eBay very often (I got beat to a few of them), so I was looking at $20-30 at minimum to acquire the only card I've been able to find of the great Dick Paradise, who, after my mostly unscientific research, was the best Dick of all the Dicks in all four major professional sports. To not have one in my possession and spend all this time writing about Dicks made me feel like a fraud, a rank amateur. Dicks were a tough subject to begin with, but if I had to use someone else's card to cap off The Year Of Dicks in December, as I wanted to, I would've been heartbroken, because it would've meant that I just wasn't serious enough about Dicks.

About a week ago, I got an eBay watched item notification when I woke up.

It was HIM.

I bolted to eBay, and sure enough, it was still there. about a buck US, with $4 shipping from Canada.

I didn't flinch.

I bought it.

Today, it arrived, rough edges, serious creases, staining, and part of Bobby Hull's card still attached because it was torn at the perforation so poorly.


Thank you, eBay seller from Canada.

Thank you, eBay.

Thank you, people in professional sports named Dick or with Dick in their names, disappearing breed that you are.
And most of all, thank you, Dick Paradise, wherever you are. (Yes, thankfully, he's still with us. I hope he is well and enjoying life.)

I will probably continue to write about Dicks under the heading of The Year Of Dicks moving forward, but with a great weight lifted off my shoulders, and at my own pace, even if this series goes well beyond 2015. Let's face it, every year is The Year Of Dicks.

(Biographical information on Dick Paradise available in 2 languages on his card back, pictured above, and also on his Wikipedia page.)


  1. Great card! Congrats on finding Dick Paradise.

  2. I remember that old Eddie Money song..."Two Tickets to Dick Paradise". Awesome find! Super cool!


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