Friday, April 10, 2015

Stuff's Been Happening


If it hasn't been apparent, I've been busy.

Real life has gotten me of late. Been spending a bunch of time in a different part of the world (western Massachusetts, to be a little more exact), taking care of some things. Also had to replace the car I totalled in November, and that was pricey, but worth it so far (knock wood). Tending to some other things in that world outside of cards, too. Still wrapping up the trades I had in the works, so if we've talked about a deal in the last year, you will be hearing from me eventually, and if you want to re-establish contact or check on the status of a deal, by all means get in touch.

I'll show off some recent acquisitions when I have the energy and inclination to scan things. I've gotten a few early Johnny Bench cards, my first Ichiro relic, a pack of '15 Donruss (like the set more than pretty much anyone else does) and a bunch of set fills through trades or visits to card stores in the past few weeks, so I haven't been ignoring cards. I've just been...overwhelmed.

The add-to-specific-collections project is on hold through at least this month, as like I said, I've spent a ton recently on things that aren't cards.

Hope all's well with y'all!

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