Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kerning: It's Everybody's Responsibility

DOUGFISTER sounds kinda like a movie Lundgren and Van Damme would've made back in the day, doesn't it?

Hey, I like it.

2 years in a row with good/interesting base designs!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So, about that post I promised y'all...

Here it is!

(Yes, this is the best card of 2015 so far, even if it revisits subject matter from long ago...)

Anyway, when last we spoke, I'd been spending a bunch of time in western Massachusetts. Since then, I have begun the slow process of moving here. It'd be quicker if I didn't collect cards (and every other space-devouring thing I collect), of course. Moving is a real pain when you collect things, as I'm sure most of you know. I'm doing it over the space of about a week per month between now and next spring, and it is coming along that way. I'll keep you posted on my progress, as best I can. I wish I'd taken what I feel are accurate "before" pictures of my space before I started moving things out (I have some pictures of my place that I took in April, but I think I'd already started doing things by then), but alas, I didn't.
As you can see by our man Bip being in this post, I have my scanner (and my desktop computer) with me now, so I'll be able to post like a normal person again. Being removed from my machine for most of the past 6 months was really tough (it sounds silly, but when your life's work, whatever that amounts to, is 200 miles away from you and your only access to it is through really flimsy remote access programs on a tablet, you feel kinda like half a person, or at least I did). Glad that's over with. Hope nothin' blows up now that it's up here. (That also applies to the car: so far, so good there, knock wood.)
Overall, it's been daunting but fun so far, hunting for new card shops, hitting flea markets, and searching the unfamiliar for things I like (that goes above and beyond cards, of course). Quite an adventure, and a much-needed change of scenery. Slowly but surely meeting new people, finding new places to go, and getting the hang of a new part of the world.

For those I'm trading with (I've still got a few more deals in the pipe, though dayf and I should be finishing up a long-in-gestation deal this week, and Bo and I got through a particularly, um, adventurous one, even by our usual standards, over the past couple months), I have a new mailing address, but if we get to where we're mailing stuff to each other, I'll hook you up via email on that. My NJ mail is being forwarded here, but I'd rather not pass cards through extra destinations if we can help it.

Back to cards, I mentioned some acquisitions in my last post. Some are with me in MA, some are down in NJ. The '69 Bench cards (base and All-Star) are in NJ, as I've been trying to keep up with set collation as best I can (and for now, my Topps flagship stuff is staying down there, until I get space set aside to keep my collection in up here). In their place, since I forgot to bring it to NJ on my last trip down, I will share with you another 1960s flagship Topps card of a noteworthy catcher!

I scored Ueck here at Brimfield, which regular reader Jake tipped me off to. Took me almost a year to make it there, but I did, and wow, if you ever have the chance to go to Brimfield...go. Rent some sort of mobility scooter to do it, because you'll be on your feet for a guaranteed 6 hours and not see everything, but definitely go. I also scored some other fun card stuff (the highlight being a cheap lot that had a bunch of '95 Topps and Fleer, near-complete '84-'85 Topps Traded sets, and equally near-complete '88 and '90 Topps Tiffany sets, though sadly the '88 suffers from an awful printing defect where the colors bled; Fuji, if you still read me, do you have use for any '88 Tiffany cards in your Damaged Card collection?), some old issues of Elementals, that kinda jazz, and the missus got a tapeworm! No, really. There was a dealer selling wet specimens in jars there. I swear, I saw everything from tapeworms to naked pictures of women I know (seriously; guy had a boatload of prints from photo shoots a fetish photographer did with a few models I've met over the years) to Butch freakin' Patrick (dude had a booth set up). Brimfield is incredible. And this Bob Uecker card ain't bad, neither. It's cool, because I also scored a low-grade lot of '66 stuff (crossing 150 cards off my want list in one pop, but sadly no high numbers) at one of the more run-of-the-mill flea markets up here, so it's almost like I'm insane and trying to build the '66 set. (If you're in the same boat and are cool with beater '66s, we may be able to trade once I've finally cleared the backlog of trades out of the way!)
I mentioned this in my last post, as well. It's my first Ichiro relic! Yeah, I'm a dork and I still care about relics. This came to me from T.J. at The Junior Junkie.  T.J. also hooked me up with this beautiful bastard of a Vladimir Guerrero card, numbered 23/30!

It's normal card size, but if you're unfamiliar, it's patterned after Sportcaster Cards. It's kinda bittersweet to post this, because I saw a HUGE lot of Sportscaster Cards at Brimfield (probably 800 or so) that the guy wanted $200 or so for. Well worth it, in my book, even without checking it for the bigger money cards, but way out of my budget that week. Still, this is a Vladimir Guerrero card that there are only 30 of, and I have one of them, so let's just focus on that. I'll stop sobbing in a minute. I swear. Anyway, thanks for the deal, T.J.!

I don't want to give away (or scan; it's 3:18 in the morning) all the fun stuff I've found in my first post back, but I do have more and I will be showing you more soon.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about what else I've been up to, and what I've thought of 2015 so far. I still love (and ended up building, like a sucker) Topps flagship. I think Stadium Club is one of the best sets in years, and I'd really like to finish it (I'm a quarter way through so far), so send me all your dupes. Ginter, I'm about where Night Owl is on it, but I'm still in, and I was happy to find an Ivan Drago card in the commons pile at my NJ local. I'll build it slowly, like I seem to with Ginter unless a big lot of it falls into my lap. I think Diamond Kings is pretty gorgeous for an unlicensed set, and I need to checklist that soon (I have I think 72/200). Finished Heritage base thanks to Stubby. The rest of what's out there, I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to, and that's fine. I didn't buy any more Donruss packs after the initial ones (grabbed a few singles, that was it). I bought some Bowman and got some sorta limited Refsnyder in a pack, but I haven't put much effort into it.

What I have been putting effort into, on the other hand, are this...

...and this.

Yeah, I have come to the dark side.

Not putting money into it, but I've sunk a bunch of time into it over the last month or so, and have a bunch of cards on both. If you wanna trade, I'm scottcrawford on both. Not doing Huddle or Kick, but I'm enjoying Bunt (though I still haven't figured out how to play the game worth a damn) and Star Wars now.

Real quick before I wrap this one up, I will mention that I've been pretty lax on my 2015 collecting goals. Of the 11, I've violated #1 (bought some hoops cards, but they were Fleer Harlem Globetrotters cards, so they're good 'uns), 2 (built the '15 Topps set, as I mentioned; Stubby helped me with a LOT of Heritage, so I won't come down too heavy on myself there), 3 (no autos yet), 4 (this is my first lengthy post here in a while, but hopefully it's the first of many), 5 (still working on the trade boxes, but I'll likely be craigslisting a metric ton of cards you don't want in the next month or so), 10 ('07 Goudey SPs are a pain if you're not at big card shows and you don't wanna spend money) and 11 (my "target certain parts of my collection" plans have been on hold since February). Actually making great progress on Ringside, should finish a few flagship sets this year, got a Brooklyn Dodger and I cleaned up my player collection list some, so it's not all down the tubes. There's still 4 months and change left, too, so there's that.

Anyway, that's me right now. How's things by you?