Saturday, January 16, 2016

Still don't have the first new physical cards of '16...

There's at least one trade in the works, but I've been busy buying house things, the flea markets are closed for the winter, there's no new product at retail, and I haven't been to a card shop since I got that Molitor in December, so we're at a standstill there. However, there have been some fun things over in Bunt-land...

Only my second Bernie, both post-retirement. Need to work on that.

ALTUVE! Love the design of these Editor's Choice cards. Still lookin' to get the Todd Frazier one.

This card is amazing.

Not as visually stunning, but it's a Morneau card, and I've found myself rooting for him a lot over the past few years, as another guy who's had his share of concussions. Liked him before all that, dating back to his early days as a Twin, good ballplayer, but there's liking a ballplayer and then there's empathizing with a ballplayer's struggles. (See also: Hamilton, Josh.) 

I've gotten my share of Harperses lately. I won't lie, either: I'm glad to see him becoming the player the scouts thought he'd be.

What, you think I wouldn't chase Brooklyn Dodgers on here? Also love the '85 football design being used for the From The Vault series. Next time I get a bunch of tradebait, I'm making a run at the rest of the series.

Good ol' Adam Dunn. Trying to get all his cards, gradually.

2000 Topps makes so much more sense as a design in 2015-2016. No idea why.

Also chasing All The Ichiros ever, and this is a really cool one. He's expensive on Bunt (Shocker!), but worth it.

I've wanted this card since I first laid eyes on it. Thank you, Arcade inserts. I had a great run of packs (3 inserts in one pack, even) that netted me a lot of this stuff.


Yeah, the artificial dogear is tacky, just like fake gum stains are, but it's cool seeing this design on baseball, any way you slice it.

I'm still trying to get gold base and Postseason of all the players I collect, and it's tougher than getting inserts in most cases, I'm finding. Cards of popular players with huge card counts like Harper, Puig, etc. that were in Series 1 are still tough to weasel outta people in deals.

 Topps releases these sorta cards if a notable player passes. I'm glad I got this Monte Irvin one, but damn it, did I screw up my one chance to meet him. Told this story on Facebook upon receiving the news of his passing:

"Here's a "Scott Crawford was a dumb shit kid" story: there used to be a monthly card show in the '80s at the Manalapan Mall in NJ, and occasionally, they'd have signing guests. I met Willie Randolph there, I met Kevin Seitzer there, and so forth. So, one month, Monte Irvin was a signing guest, when I was, say, probably about 13 or so, maybe 14. Monte probably could've told me more about baseball then than I know now, but aside from knowing he was a Hall of Famer, knowing he was one of the first black players in the majors, and knowing he played in the same outfield as Willie Mays (and really, that should've been enough), I didn't know much about him, and I didn't currently have any of his cards (though I was at a card show, and could've gotten a decent one for about the cost of a few packs of '88 Score, Gregg Jefferies be damned), so while there was no line to speak to him pretty much all day and I remember him looking bored and a little lonely...I passed. So many regrets about that. So lazy of me. Never really had another proper chance to meet him, and now another living piece of baseball history is gone. Rest in peace, Monte, and I'm sorry I didn't show you more respect as a dumb shit kid.
Folks: if you are told that someone you have occasion to meet is worthy of your attention due to something they did during their life, take a few minutes aside and look them up, at least. It wasn't as easy in 1988 as it is now (there's virtually no excuse now, if you're in the developed world and have any spare time), but I had baseball books and I could've definitely found a reason to talk to Monte Irvin, had I put even a little effort in. I am willing to be I'd have learned a LOT."

“Baseball has done more to move America in the right direction than all the professional patriots with their billions of cheap words.”
-Monte Irvin

Hey, another Ichiro! This is the base version of this (which shows it as a Stanton card; the variant presents it as an Ichiro one, gimmicky crap), but I'll take it! He's still on there!

The Gypsy Queens are kind of a misunderstood, not very well-liked bunch on Bunt, much as they are in the physical world, but there are definitely a few good cards in the set. I like the Frazier one, and had been after it for a while longer than one'd think it'd take to land it. Interestingly, in looking through my Bunt cards and their designs, Gypsy Queen was the one that jumped out as the missus. "I like these." Somethin' for everyone in this world, I tells ye...


The one Arcade I've kept so far. (Still looking for a purple Harper.) It's not just because his name is Mookie, either. I end up listening to the Sox on the radio now that I'm living up in their neck of the woods, and while I'm not signing up for Sox fandom, they've got some good kids, Mookie being one. He's on my keeper fantasy team, too, so, yeah.


Finished Heart Of The Order finally! That Edgar Martinez was some kind of a pain in the ass to get, for some reason. Interestingly, I had this card (which is an award for getting the other 17 cards), maybe even 2 copies of it, months ago. Ended up with it in a trade, used it as tradebait. I'll be keeping the one I came by honestly.

I've also been active/more active on Star Wars Card Trader, Huddle and Kick (all under @SCOTTCRAWFORD, just like Bunt, if you wanna trade), because I figure that even if I'm not following the sports, opening the packs can't hurt, if I find some decent cross-traders. I've made a couple of cross deals with Star Wars people this week, and surprisingly didn't get bamboozled.

At some point soon, I'll share some pics of what I've got on the other apps. On Star Wars, I've got the first 11 grey space ships built from Smuggler's Den so far, looking for the latest schematic still, and I've got 16-20 red comics, and am still looking for the rest long past the award being given out. Elsewhere, not really in the market for keeper cards, but that could change if I see the right stuff. There aren't any Pele cards on Kick yet, are there?

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  1. Love the 1985 Football design on the Mookie Wilson card.


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