Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Topps Digital Trade Bait

(If my formatting looks weird to you, I'm posting from a mobile app for the first time. Took me long enough!)

So, I'm on all 4 Topps apps with some regularity now (@SCOTTCRAWFORD on every app), though I'm slightly out of the loop in the NFL, and totally out of it in what Americans call soccer. I'm mostly on those apps in the interest of getting trade bait, and yes, I have some.

On Huddle...

This is my lowest-numbered card (right around 250) and while it's from a Playoff series (which, if they're like baseball playoff cards, traders will become allergic to in a few weeks), the Broncos are still playing, for in-app contest purposes! Of course, with my luck, C.J. Anderson is injured or something...

Have 2 of these.




My only gold...

A red Playoffs Harrison, which is also low-numbered...and some more Playoffs and base which I won't bore you with further. All of these are available for Bunt cards.

My Kick stuff is more fun, I think...

Also all available for Bunt stuff. If anyone's feeling generous and can tell me more about these than card counts (I did get the award for the Headlines, but damned if I know who these guys are, as my fantasy BPL football guys were a generation ago now, it seems), that'd be awesome.

Finally, a few Star Wars I've got up for trade...

I've gotten more offers (all of them lousy, alas) on this card than on all my other cards across 4 apps combined. It is available for trade (though I keep it locked; 1-1 me or ask me here), but I know people love it, so it won't be cheap.




One available gold here, too! (I have a bunch of gold and silver in Kick, but, well, base cards...)

Schematics! Yeah, just greys. I've got 4 of Anakin's ride, 1 each of the others. Looking to get the grey Republic Gunship schematic so I'll be complete on build-a-ships.

These things!

Street Art 2s! I was working on the green set out of boredom, and ended up with some blues. Still wouldn't mind finishing green. I'll get more into what Star Wars I do collect soon, because I do collect those, if not as actively as Bunt.

So, there you have it, a bunch of digital cards I'm trying to flip for more-interesting-to-me digital cards. Again, my name across all 4 Topps apps is, of course, @SCOTTCRAWFORD, and I'd be looking to do Huddle and Kick for Bunt and Star Wars for either more Star Wars (ask me, if I don't post about my collecting interests soon) or Bunt (my collecting interests there mirror my physical ones, pretty much).

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