Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sorting Cards Sucks, Butthead!: A Request

So, yes, I'm still working on the next Trade Bait Draft, or whatever replaces or supplements it (Group breaks? Other ridiculousness?), but it's kinda hard getting things in order, because, well...

...this is what I'm working with.

(Forgive the state of the house in the background. We're still unpacking.)

It's surprisingly mostly in some sort of order, but there are a few boxes that need to be merged, etc., so it's not entirely in order.

But, yeah, that's probably somewhere between 30,000-40,000 cards, lots of which are well above common.

When one is hunting through this sort of stash for things to sell or trade with people, a general direction is good to have, and right now, I got nothin'.

Stuff that's in these boxes:

all 4 major U.S. sports, mostly baseball, but there's two 5000 count boxes that are entirely football, and most of another 5000 counter that's entirely basketball.

I've got non-sports (Mars Attacks Heritage, Rock Cards, some mid-'90s Magic: The Gathering that isn't worth much but might be fun in someone's deck and a weird mix after that) and some of the other not-as-big-in-the-States sports or "sports" (soccer, boxing, pro wrestling, and probably some Olympic stuff) stuff in here, too.

On the baseball, I think it ranges from '57-present right now. I've got a lot of '66 (mostly beaters, no really high numbers), '68 (slightly better condition, some decent stuff but obviously no Nolan Ryan rookies), scattered other years through '73, and a ton of '74-present Topps (some years thicker than others). I've got a bunch of '81-'82 Fleer and the usual crap moving past those, a decent chunk of '81 Donruss, then ditto. Whole bunches of inserts, premium late '90s stuff, some autos and relics, numbered stuff, a nice selection of last-ten-years Topps rookies (Arrieta, Altuve, Donaldson, etc.), there's some fun stuff.

On football, I've got '54-'55 Bowman, then '59-present Topps, scattered small amounts until you hit the mid-'70s, then usually handfuls, then a few hundred '84s (Marino, Elway, and some of the stars included), then it varies by year. Once you get past the Topps monopoly, I've got some interestin' inserts and whatnot. Some autos and relics. Some rookies of note from the last decade (though I just sold my one Brady rookie at my last yard sale). An extra 2001 Topps Heritage base set (no SPs). There's some stuff.

Basketball is mostly post-Topps monopoly, lotta junk, but a few interesting things. I've only got I think one '86-'87 Fleer (might be Isiah Thomas), but I've got some Upper Deck and Hoops from the past few years (I do have an Upper Deck Steph Curry rookie that was sitting in my commons box for a while and was even out for sale for a dime a few times, but I'm thinking of hanging onto it). There's a handful of autos, relics, inserts, not many Jordans (they're all in my stash, I think I have '96-'97 Topps Series 1 complete.

Hockey, not a lot, but I did just get in a stack of probably about 100 '71-'72 O-Pee-Chee beaters. There's a little vintage, a decent chunk of '90s junk, some overflow from my Islander collection, a few hundred last-ten-years cards (OPC, etc.), some Getzlafs that Greg Zakwin didn't need, that sorta jazz.

So, talk to me. Are there players you collect? Are you a team collector? Do you like shiny things? Are you building sets? Do you enjoy poor old baseball cards? What should I be showcasing for y'all?

Most people are in the $20-25 price range on what they're able to get in on. For stuff that can be hand-picked from boxes like these, what do you think is a fair price/amount of cards?

I welcome your answers!

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