Monday, July 4, 2016

Been a minute since I updated this...

Topps Flagship Base Sets, 1952-present:

1950s: 244/2950 (8.3% complete)
1960s: 1153/5986 (19.3% complete)
1970s: 6778/7035 (96.3% complete)
1980s: 7788/7788 (100% complete)
1990s: 6083/6554 (92.8% complete)
2000s: 6532/6822 (95.7% complete)
2010s: 3856/4702 (82.0% complete)

Total: 32434/41837 (77.5% complete)

Topps Traded/Update Sets, 1974-present:

1970s: 88/88 (100% complete)
1980s: 1064/1188 (89.6% complete)
1990s: 608/954 (63.5% complete)
2000s: 1235/2827 (43.7% complete)
2010s: 1339/2050 (65.3% complete)

Total: 4334/7107 (61.0% complete)

Total of all cards combined: 36768/48944 (75.1% complete)

More info here.

A few things jump out at me, looking at these numbers:

1. I'm 257 cards away from finishing the 1970s. They're all pretty brutal (only 16 of those cards are in the first 400 of the 1970, 1972 and 1973 checklists), but still, only 257 away. It was 259, but I picked off 2 more (1970 Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew All-Stars in well-loved shape) yesterday.

2. I'm closing in on 20% completion of the 1960s. I know it's kind of a big deal that I finished '71 and '74-'79, but how the hell did I get anywhere near 200 cards (closing in on 300 with '68) on any 1960s Topps set? I mean, I'm in triple digits on '65-'69 now. That's just crazy.

3. I still only have 9 '55 Topps cards, only Topps flagship set that I'm less than 10 cards on now.

4. Topps really has made Update impossible to complete without buying boxes (plural) of it.

5. I have a lot of goddamn baseball cards, especially for someone who'd have no money even if he didn't spend it on baseball cards.

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