Thursday, August 4, 2016

Poor Jerry Adair

A couple of months back, I got an album with probably about 400 '68 Topps cards in it at the flea market. I ended up doubling my collection on those, bringing me to nearly half the set, though there were no Mantle/Bench/Ryan/holy shit kinda cards in the album. (I was very happy to get Al Kaline and Frank Robinson, regardless.) There were also a bunch of doubles in the album, most of which were stashed behind the singles of each player (thankfully, the former owner used those really loose card pages). They tended to go in the album in descending order of condition, so some, I was not immediately struck by, as they weren't visible by flipping through the pages. Eventually, I came across these...

The previous owner, who I believe was the seller (my guess, going by his age, was that these actually were his cards when he was a kid) seems to have had something deeply personal against Jerry Adair. Was he mad that the Sox traded Don McMahon for him? Did he wait all year to go to a game, finally get there, and find out he was there on a day when Adair subbed for Rico Petrocelli? Was it something weirder?

It could've been. I mean, the kid really hated it when Jerry Adair hit triples, too, apparently.

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  1. The beard & blood shot eyes are nice touches. Gotta love vintage cards with character.


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