Sunday, August 7, 2016

Saturday's Finds: Read This Post If You Like Cecil Fielder

I hit a sale yesterday morning, and came away with something that probably wouldn't be considered a great collection by your average collector, but certainly kept me busy for a while.

Yes, that 1600 count box says "(DETROIT TIGERS) CECIL FIELDER CARDS ONLY". While the statement wasn't 100% true (there were a very small handful of non-Fielders in there, and a reasonable amount of Blue Jays Fielders, not to mention the Hanshin Tigers Broder on the outside of the box), it was pretty close.

So, what do the contents of a box like this look like?

When I first started sorting, it looked kinda like this. When I finished sorting, though, it looked like this...

The stack on the left is one of every Fielder card I didn't have, all 121 of them.

The stack on the right is one of every Fielder card I did have, all 86 of them.

And this next picture? This is of the duplicates, in chronological order, by company.

 I finally did it, you guys.

I Bipped myself.

I mean, I bought a big box of cards that said it had nothing in it but Cecil Fielder cards, so there wasn't the element of surprised involved in a good Bipping, but at the same time, when you're looking at the prospect of 1600 Fielder cards in 2016, who believes that it's really going to be what it says on the tin?
Thinking about it now, I may need to make that first split 122/85, since I don't know off-hand (the Topps base/Traded are upstairs right now) if I have the wax pack variation of the '90 Topps Traded in my collection, and might just have the factory set one.

If by some chance you've never seen the difference, 10 years plus into all of us yammering about cards online and over a quarter century after the card(s) came out, here...

Top one: 1990 Traded from retail packs.

Bottom one: 1990 Traded from factory Traded Set, complete with card stock Topps should've started using full-time in 1983!

So, if you've read this far, you may be curious as to how I was missing upwards of 122 of these Cecil Fielder cards, given that the pictures displayed above were largely of flagship base cards from some of the most overproduced card sets of all time, many of which I own in complete form. Well, they weren't all '88 Donruss, thankfully.

Here are some of the highlights!

 The Hanshin card is dope. I had to cut the penny sleeve it was in off the box I got these in.

Also: center card is my first 1990s Canadian Post!

I just realized I have the multicolored Fielders out of order.

Dig that unidentified unlicensed Fielder in the 2nd row.

I like the Star rush job in the bottom row, too.

I had no idea the Iooss Collection stuff was 10K print run until last night. In '93 Upper Deck, those are some long odds!

Love the U.S. Playing Card stuff. I'm eventually going to be a fool and chase it some.


Some more Classics and variants in this batch.

A few Baseball Cards Magazine specials in there (one more in the last batch, but it was oversized, so I didn't put them all together). Also: I have never seen one of those Donruss Grand Slammer cards before yesterday.

 I love how hologram cards scan.

A couple of non-cards in that last batch, but cool ones!

Amazingly, even with the pictures of the base cards strewn all over my dining room table, I haven't shown you all every Fielder card I got. There were no autos or relics (also no rookie cards of any kind, which means either the previous owner had 'em stashed somewhere else, got out while they were still worth something, or got in too late to get them), and no 1991 Donruss Elites (someone on Twitter had asked yesterday), but it's a remarkable assortment of cards from a pretty small time period (the collection seems to have been abandoned when Fielder got traded to the Yankees, at which point the collector got on the Braves bandwagon), and was a lot of fun to go through, even if I truly and totally did Bip myself.

Oddly enough, with the 17 or so cards I had already outside of sets (my player collections are generally sorted as follows: "any card of a player that isn't part of another set or in the relic/auto binder"), I now have more Cecil Fielder cards in my player collection boxes than I do Bernie Williams cards by a decent margin (10% or so), and I've been collecting Bernie's cards on purpose for as long as he's been playing. (Entering yesterday, Bernie was my biggest player collection, with Ichiro not too far behind. Wade Boggs, Vladimir Guerrero, and my kinda dormant Randy Johnson collection round out the top 5.)

I guess this means I need to get more Bernie Williams cards to make up the difference!

(Thing I hate about that is that I don't have my player collection stuff checklisted. I go near-entirely on visual recall when going through boxes or lots of cards when I'm buying or trading for a player collection, which is likely maddening for people who are trying to trade with me, but also probably keeps me from getting into too much trouble. I have thoughts from time to time about scanning everything in the notable player collections and making PDFs that I can flip through on the iPad for this purpose, but I've got a lot of projects higher on the list of priorities than that.)

I think I am gonna keep the Fielder collection together, though, at least the singles anyway. It's a fun bunch of stuff, and I have fond memories of ol' Cecil (if occasionally inappropriate ones, as I was a ballbusting teenager/twentysomething during most of his career).

If you collect Cecil's cards, hit me up. I probably have something you need in that big box of cards, as there were doubles of a lot of what was in there, even some of the harder-to-get and weirder stuff.

Oh, and just so no one accuses me of burying the lede in that first picture...

After picking out a few hundred cards I needed for sets, player collections and whatnot, this is what's left of the Barves box. It's actually decent enough stuff, lotta late '90s-early '00s stuff, Pacific, premium sets, etc., so some of you Barves collectors, particularly those who weren't buying cards through those years, may wanna get ahold of me before it gets mixed in with the for-sale stuff.

On the other hand, the less said about the contents of this box, give or take a few Spud Webb cards, the better.

One last question for the group, before I go:

Do any of you collect vintage milk caps, or know anyone who does? There were...a few...of these in the box with the cards. Let me know.


  1. That's a lot of Big Daddy's. Love those old You Crash The Game cards.

  2. Great stuff. Love the holograms and the Hanshin Tigers card.


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