Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No, really, you guys, I have a lot of cards that I would like to unload!

(No, vinyl and Micromoog not included. Yes, people have asked already.)

Yes, this is my "doubles box". You've seen it before in other posts, photographed from other angles and such. There's probably somewhere between 50,000-60,000 cards pictured.

(That cardboard box to the right of the vinyl has probably another 5000-6000 cards in it, too.)

I would like it all gone at some point, and in a perfect world, that point would be "before the end of 2016". Shy of throwing some away, giving it away or selling it for way, way less than reasonable resale value, that's gonna take some doing.

That's where you come in.

If you're looking to do some trading, reach out to me. I plan on doing a lot of this in the month of December. I'm gonna start with folks who I've had open trades with for the past 2 years (there are somewhere between 5-10 trade conversations that've been derailed numerous times since 2014), but I'm willing to talk to anyone. If you collect a player, a team, a specific sport, non-sports stuff, whatever, run it by me, and I may have something for you.

I'll tell you flat out that cash will get you further than trade goods will, because for one, I haven't been able to think too much about what cards I want this month, given the state of the world (a subject for another time and place, and we'll leave it at that), and for two, I can always use cash. However, if you have stuff that'd be fairly easily resellable, but you don't wanna be bothered selling it for whatever reason, I'm more than happy to do quantity for quality as well. It doesn't necessarily have to be stuff I'll be adding to my collection that I want you to trade me. It just has to be stuff that turns this into either a much smaller stack of cards, or no cards at all.

As much fun as Trade Bait Drafts are, they're a lot of bookkeeping for a relatively small removal of goods from my house. So we're going to do things in more of an "anything goes" kinda way. Looking for something? Try me. Email me, comment on this post, or chase me down on Twitter (Please use my hobby-related account instead of my general one; it'll keep things saner.)

Look forward to hearin' from y'all!

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