Friday, April 29, 2016

...And Back To Digital: A Big-Ass Trade/Want List Post!

Here goes nothin'! I'm @SCOTTCRAWFORD on all of the Topps apps. You can either make an offer there, make me an offer here in the comments, or email me. I am not opposed to trading my digital stuff for physical cards or cash, if you are into that sorta thing, but I'm putting my digital card wants up here first, as a (perhaps messed up) priority.


Mark Buehrle Diamond 1/1 (if it even got issued; only Buehrle I'm missing right now)

From The Vault: Lasorda, Franco, Green, Winfield, Buhner, Niekro, Garciaparra, Griffey, Salmon, Williams, Bagwell, Damon, Gagne, Murphy, Posada, Wilhelm, Eckersley, Martinez


Cole, Bryant, Davis

2016 red and green base I need

Otherwise, we're going with cards I need of players I'm collecting right now:

Bernie Williams, Vladimir Guerrero, Ichiro Suzuki, Bryce Harper, Jose Altuve, Reggie Jackson, Wade Boggs, Hank Aaron, Eric Davis, Roger Maris, Todd Frazier, Max Scherzer, Justin Morneau, Adam Dunn, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Yoenis Cespedes, Orlando Hernandez, Stephen Strasburg, Josh Hamilton

Star Wars:

Red Classic Comics: #5, #17, #20 award card

2015 crimson base variants: Camie, Chief Chirpa, IG-88, Jan Dodonna, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Magnaguard, Nexu, Pre Vizsla, R5-D4, Savage Opress, Sly Moore, Wuher

Build-a-ships: anything complete above grey

And that's pretty much it.

Now, the trade stuffs, behind a cut because otherwise, this post will be crazy big!

Oh, and some other stuff, too.

As some of you know, I collect a bunch of other things aside from bubble gum cards. I don't wanna bog down a pure card site with all of those, but I also didn't want to create another site that talks about my hobbies without mentioning cards. So, without further ado...I present my new web site, I need new hobbies.

I have not started posting full-time there yet (let's face it, I've been behind on posts here for a long while, too) but I will begin doing so very, very soon.

If you're wondering what's gonna happen to this site, which I've had a ton of fun with and made some great friendships through (as well as some great trades, but the friendships come first), it's still gonna exist for now. What I'm gonna do for now is post maybe every second or third card post I make to I need new hobbies. I already have a full archive of this site loaded into there, so at least the best of these posts will make their way over there eventually. (We probably don't need a strong historical record of "Hey, I need these 2011 Topps cards" posts, unless the comment threads on those are really good.) If this ambitious migration project of mine actually does work, then in a year or two, this site will probably just point toward I need new hobbies., but for now, everything's remaining fairly stable. I'd recommend adding I need new hobbies. to your RSS feeds, etc. if you'd like to keep up, and for those worried about redundancy, I'm not cross-posting new articles, so you won't see two of my "OMG I JUST GOT A MOOKIE WILSON" posts unless you just wanna open those posts in 2 different browser tabs for the hell of it.

If you don't love the idea of having to read about other things like records and comic books and so forth along with my card posts, I'll still tag things, so you can probably just follow the card posts. I'd strongly recommend a more well-rounded approach to your reading, though! I mean, come on, pretty much every one of you that I talk to has *some* other collection along with the card habit.
 I've also created @INeedNewHobbies on Twitter. Some of you have already gotten follows from me, but if not, shoot me a follow and I'll likely be in touch. There's a great reason for me to separate the hobby stuff from my main @scottcrawford account that'll probably thrill a few of you, and maybe bum out a few others (but really, it's just a matter of following 2 accounts instead of 1 here if you want to see everything). There's stuff I post on my main Twitter that has nothing to do with my hobbies, and is pretty polarizing, having to do with current events, my sociopolitical beliefs, etc., and I've felt for ages that it looked tacky to post about "I got this card" in the middle of discussion about the decline of civilization, and it's also kinda rough on those of you who just want to talk about the fun stuff without getting hit with the dogma. I have the ability to separate these two things, so I'm going to try doing it.
So, that's it. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition, and something I stick to. For those following me over to the new spots, thank you, I look forward to continuing these conversations with you. For those who are pretty new to all of this, welcome aboard, and my apologies in advance for all that you may endure here!

Hey, I got actual physical cards, too!

Yes, I live!

We're gradually establishing normalcy at the new house, so I've got some time to post about things, and I've also had time for 2 flea market trips so far!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already saw pics from my first trip, which was a pretty good one, but if you didn't, here goes...

Let's start with the wide-angle shot of the first week's haul. From left to right, there's an album of '68 Topps cards that I got for a song, a cube of junk wax, an assortment of beater '50s cards ('59 Jerry Casale, no relation, I don't think; a couple of '52 Topps, '53 Topps Dutch Leonard, a couple of '53 Bowman Colors including Joe Garagiola, and '57 Topps Randy Jackson, an incomplete-but-not-that-badly-incomplete '99 Topps set ($2, so it was worth it if only for the factory box), a couple of Marvel Spotlights with Son Of Satan in 'em (needed 'em both), and another card album, not as inspiring as the '68 album, but with a nice "obviously came from one of those card collecting starter sets" assortment of TCMA stuff in it.

A better look at the '68 binder, which was in order. Guy had doubles behind the individual cards (thankfully pretty loose sheets). The cards also skewed in favor of the two highest series, which was nice. You can see Al Kaline on this front sheet, but here's a better look...

Here's the other big highlight, aside from Salty...

Was *very* happy to get this one. Didn't even notice it in there in my first 2 passes through the book, at the market.

Here's what everything looked like, once freed from the binder. Stack on the left were singles (186 checked off of my checklist), and the ones on the right are all dupes. Once I'm a little better situated, that's plenty of trade bait right there.

Here's a better look at those '50s beaters. The Randy Jackson is a dupe (Owl?), but unsurprisingly, I needed the rest. Weird, but neat to find a playing-era Joe Garagiola in the wild the week of his passing.

Here's the whole mess of TCMAs. Bottom left corner are TCMA the 1930's cards, the first of which I've ever seen in person. The Gene Hermanski and Bud Harrelson cards are from the 5th Annual National, which was held in Parsippany, NJ in 1984.

You know you wanted to see the '88 Topps I pulled out of these lots.

This past weekend didn't yield much, but I did fish these out of a dime box I found. All duplicates, but I couldn't see leaving good cards like these sitting in a box in the dirt where they'd get manhandled further.

Still, '16 flea market season is off to a decent start.