Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Return Of The Trade Bait Draft?

This is what my "doubles box" looks like these days. It's somewhere around 50,000 cards, give or take a few. I had to stand on a chair to get this good of a picture of it. There's some decent stuff in it, too. See that block of '68s up top? That's a recent find. I've had a few good recent finds that were too affordable to pass up, even with me needing to save a bit as I get established in a new home.

So, of course, I could also use some dough.

Do you see where this is headed?

Back in the days of yore (or as the kids called it, 2013), I hosted three trade bait drafts on this site. Here's how it worked back then: for $20 shipped, each person who entered got to pick 20 cards from a huge list of cards (I think I had over 1000 cards listed in the last one), either live on Google Hangouts, or by pre-picking via email. These events were inspired by Spastik Mooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, who did a few of his own similar events.

Now, the cost of things has jumped a bit in the past few years, as we all know. In addition, I have more, and in some cases better stuff than I used to. So, I'm not sure whether 20 cards for $20 shipped still takes care of my needs, or whether I could keep things interesting for that price. It's possible that what wouldn't be interesting to me around that level would totally be interesting to someone else, but it's hard to say.

Also, because I've been sorta quiet the past year or so, I'm not sure if I've got enough of an audience to generate interest here, though I'd of course like to. 

So, I've got a few questions:

1. Did you guys have enough fun doing the Trade Bait Drafts, or reading about them, to have interest in doing another one?

2. If you are interested in one of these events, what's the sweet spot for you in terms of both entry price and number of cards?

3.What types of cards would you wanna see in this, if you were to enter? I've got all 4 major sports, some side sports, some non-sports. There's vintage, there's fairly new stuff, there's stuff in between. There isn't a lot of huge group breaky MOJO MOJO MOJO crap in my stash, but I've got some autos, some relics, some key rookies and so forth. I've got oddballs, flagship, and all points in between.

4. If the Trade Bait Draft format just doesn't work for you for whatever reason, are you all interested in a fairly massive card sale in this space, and if so, what kinda stuff should I list first?

All answers to these questions are helpful, though no, I really don't have much desire to deal with eBay, COMC, Beckett, etc. at the moment, as it's not as immediate, direct, or economical as selling stuff here would be, so those suggestions probably aren't gonna bear fruit, if you were thinking of making them.

Let me know how you folks wanna do this, and let's get started!