Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Bernie

What a remarkable card.

Would you look at that stretch he's doing?

This is actually a Bernie I'd never seen in person or otherwise, which is something else, as it's a base card of my favorite player from a flagship set, however troubled Donruss were in '98. Glad to add it.

This is also one of hundreds of cards I got in a deal with Bo recently, as part of our longstanding series of trades. When I got the box in the mail a few weeks ago, I glanced through to get a basic idea of what was there, then I let it sit, rather than doing my usual routine of checklisting and filing it all. It was the end of a long, exhausting holiday season, that itself was at the end of a very long, exhausting year, the home stretch of which made it really goddamned difficult for me to feel up to spending hours of time meticulously checking which cards I was missing from the 1998 Donruss set.

Now, despite feeling like I did about sorting and filing my cards, I of course appreciated the deal, as, first and foremost, there's a lot of human effort and thought that goes into these things, from people who are usually at least as tired and spread as thin as I am. I don't ever take that for granted. Past those sentiments, the cards involved enabled me to replace some things I didn't need with some things that'd fit in sets of mine, as well as shifting some things to someone else in exchange for stuff that'll likely do better with the local collectors where I am now. I knew all that on my first pass through the box. I just didn't have anything left in the tank to really process it until the other night.

When I finally did, I did have fun.

"Hey, cool, a Griffey."

"Nice, there are some Hall of Famers in this run of *set here*."

"Finally almost done with that no-good '89 Bowman set!"

"Whoooooo, Bip Roberts!"

And, of course, there was this Bernie Williams card.

Sometimes, in the wake of a lot of horrible stuff happening (and it has lately, even above and beyond the celebrity deaths everyone's talked about from last year, and the crazy election; friends, past and present, passed at a much higher than usual rate over the last few months of the year, as will happen when you reach a certain age, and even at the beginning of this year, our community of card folk lost a bottomless well of knowledge, solid artist and decent guy in Bob Lemke), it can be tough to do normal human stuff of any kind and feel like you usually do about it because you're walking around feeling shellshocked, so when something manages to get me back to doing that, I appreciate it a little more than I do when the whole world doesn't feel like a dumpster fire. So, thanks, Bo, for that. Seriously.


  1. That is a great Bernie card, and I though '98 Donruss was a pretty great set.

  2. Sorry about your losses, but glad you like these cards!

    1. Thank you for the former and the latter, Bo.


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