Saturday, February 4, 2017

Some More Site Updates

1. Just so y'all know, I am not ignoring your comments. I'm just not getting proper notification for them. They go to spam, if they go anywhere at all, and somehow I'm not always catching them, even though I actually look through my spam folder before I delete its contents virtually every time.

2. I have a new article up at I need new hobbies. tonight. '17 Topps cards are featured prominently, but not entirely.

3. I'm getting closer to being able to knock out a few more trades. I'll be in touch with those of you who I was pretty deeply in the progress of trading with over the course of the next week.

4. I could still use one more person to join my fantasy league. Kerry from Cards On Cards has joined! There are more details in this post. Get ahold of me if you're interested.

5. After about 6 months of slacking, both my Flagship Sets Progress Report and my High Priority Set Want List have been updated!

6. Still trying to decide what to do with this site. It would be nice to not have to deal with a million domains someday. This is probably the most popular of my many web sites, though, over the course of 20 years of making them, and I don't know how building an audience for another one from scratch will go. Thoughts on this are welcome.