Coin Master Game Review

Coin Master is played by millions of gamers where you can find the popularity of both the platform Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The graphics are simple and increases the availability of all the smartphones. Personally, I have been playing this game for a couple of months till now.

The graphics really impressed me because the quality is really good. Visuals are making it interesting and the free to play option is best one. Well, I find many impressive things and you can learn more about the game by focusing on the method I used in winning.

Every gamer faces some kind of issue and this was same with me as earning coins and spins was the toughest task. Both are the currencies, hard to earn but few Tips and tricks on How to get free coin master spins and coins for android and ios helped me out in getting rid of all the issues. Even it is easy to progress by following the method I used.

What helped me in earning Coins?

Coin master can be tough due to so many options provided by the developers. But, if you focus on the methods I used then it becomes easier to earn higher amount.

  • The slot machine is the main source of your income and you can earn higher amount by using this method. The right use of slot machine is in earning coins, doing the attack on opponents’ village and raiding over friend’s village.
  • You need to build many items in the village and upgrade them. Each item provides one star and you need to keep on collecting it. After getting 20 stars, the village is fully upgraded. It is the time to move on next one.
  • There is a hammer to attack other players’ village and it is also helpful in earning more coins with ease. It can help in getting a good amount with ease and you can rely on the method we are mentioning here.
  • Raid over opponents’ villages to earn more coins so that you can upgrade the village or construct new buildings. Steal the maximum number of coins from others’ village so that you don’t face any kind of issue in future.
  • By spinning the wheel and landing it over shield icon, it is easy to activate the shield to protect your village. It can help as you can save the village from getting looted by others. Even it is easy too and you can get shield by currencies too.

These are methods you can rely on but make sure to learn well and use them as a perfect Coin Master hack. These are some of the basics helpful in getting rid of all the issues. It can be tough to win over an opponent but the tutorial and tweaks can help as they offer some of the advanced tips to progress well and earn higher amount of currencies.

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